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Elizabeth Warren Watches The Big Short …

Senator Elizabeth Warren who, along with Bernie Sanders, has been fighting to ensure accountability on Wall Street for the crooks who committed fraud and were never prosecuted. Both Michael Lewis’ book and Adam McKay’s film are about proving the fraudulence of what went down. It was fraud, plain and simple. Here is what Elizabeth Warren said about The Big Short:

I loved The Big Short as much as I could possibly love a movie about greedy Wall Street bankers who cheated working families, broke our economy, and didn’t go to jail. It was great to have Oscar-nominated writer and director Adam McKay stop by my office today to talk about his powerful film. We both agree: The Big Short should add energy to the push for real accountability in our broken financial system.

Republicans on Capitol Hill continue to stand in the way of any kind of regulation or real reform. It doesn’t matter who gets in the White House, if Democrats and liberals don’t step up and vote to change Congress. They haven’t. They aren’t. The GOP is winning. To me, this election is more about putting a Democrat in the White House to block the Republicans from their imminent total takeover. I think Hillary Clinton is the most experienced and best equipped person for the job, mainly because she and she alone can win, but also because Elizabeth Warren has praised Clinton’s Wall Street plan. More importantly, Clinton can make more headway within our stubborn government. I don’t fault people for daydreaming for a better America with Bernie Sanders, but wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t have to take Hillary Clinton down to do it? The misogyny, it’s palpable.