Covid-19: Oxford vaccine rolled out to hundreds of GP sites in England

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Covid-19: Oxford vaccine rolled out to hundreds of GP sites in England

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Covid-19: Oxford vaccine rolled out to hundreds of GP sites in England


The Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is being rolled out to hundreds of GP-run vaccination sites in England.

As part of the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history, the aim is to offer jabs to most care home residents by the end of January.

By mid-February, the target is to vaccinate 13 million people in the top four priority groups.

But one surgery visited by the health secretary to promote the initiative said its delivery had been delayed.

And leaders in Birmingham have warned stocks of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are scheduled to run out in the city on Friday, and that it has not received any supplies of the Oxford-Astra Zeneca jab.

A letter sent to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, signed by the Labour leader of Birmingham City Council, Ian Ward, Labour MP Liam Byrne and Conservative MP and former minister Andrew Mitchell, said there was "currently no clarity on when further supplies will arrive".

They also criticise a lack of clarity over the vaccination programme, and say "it remains unclear who is responsible for overseeing the vaccination programme in Birmingham, and whom we should hold accountable for progress and delivery".

More than 700 local vaccination sites will administer the Oxford jab.

Another 180 GP-led sites, 100 new hospital sites and a pilot scheme involving local pharmacies will open this week.

Selected hospitals began administering the vaccine on Monday.

Mr Hancock said the jab was now being supplied to GP practices across the country as he visited the Bloomsbury Surgery in central London.

The health secretary said he was "delighted" care homes residents would begin receiving their first Oxford jabs this week.

"This will ensure the most vulnerable are protected and will save tens of thousands of lives," he said.

But GP Ammara Hughes, a partner at Bloomsbury Surgery, told broadcasters its first delivery of the jab had been pushed back 24 hours to Thursday.

She said: "It's just more frustrating than a concern because we've got the capacity to vaccinate. And if we had a regular supply - we do have the capacity to vaccinate three to four thousand patients a week."

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