So, what are you already rooting for?

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Jesús Alonso
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So, what are you already rooting for?

Post by Jesús Alonso »

Ideally, keep it only for films that you already actually saw, not the ones that you hope they're good.

In my case, so far...

Da 5 Bloods: Picture, Director, Actor (Delroy Lindo), Original Screenplay, Score, Sound, Cinematography, Film Editing, SAG Ensemble

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga: GG Comedy/Musical, GG Lead Actress in Comedy/Musical (Rachel McAdams), Supporting Actor (Dan Stevens), Costume Design, Song (Husavik/My Hometown), Sound, Make Up.

Wasp Network: Actress (Penélope Cruz)

A Secret Love: Documentary Feature

Circus of Books: Documentary Feature

Out: Animation, Short Subject

Note: I guess The Platform is not ellegible for 2020? If it is: Picture, Actor (Ivan Massagué), Supporting Actress (Antonia San Juan), Original Screenplay, Production Design, International Film

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Re: So, what are you already rooting for?

Post by ratednext »

Sorry We Missed You
The Assistant

Ben Affleck - The Way Back
Willem Dafoe - Tommaso
Delroy Lindo - Da 5 Bloods

Julia Garner - The Assistant
Elisabeth Moss - The Invisible Man
Eliza Scanlen - Babyteeth

Supporting Actor:
Ben Mendelsohn - Babyteeth
Toby Wallace - Babyteeth

Supporting Actress:
Essie Davis - Babyteeth

Jesús Alonso
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Re: So, what are you already rooting for?

Post by Jesús Alonso »

Just saw "The Invisible Man" and yeah, Moss is Oscar-worthy again

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Re: So, what are you already rooting for?

Post by AlexInNz »

Definitely rooting for Delroy Lindo for da 5 bloods. I like but am not in love with the movie, when watching it I felt like I was watching a B grade movie with a white cast that was retroactively filled with people of colour and made more topical - then when I looked it up later I found out that is exactly the situation. Delroy Lindo and his character are the best part of it - he is phenomenal and if he misses the nomination it'll be criminal. Right now he is my pick for best lead actor (but he could go supporting and I wouldn't be unhappy) . Watching it I do appreciate Spike Lee because I feel like his influence made it much better than what it was originally going to be but I just still feel like I can see too much of the original story underneath it.

Other than Delroy I love Never Rarely Sometimes Always but I doubt it is doing anything this year. I really want Elizabeth Moss to get some attention - she is phenomenal in both Shirley and The Invisible Woman.

Other than those there really isn't that much I have seen that I think deserves awards attention. I really enjoyed both Palm Springs and Emma. but I don't think either will be near my top 10 year end. Maybe technical aspects of Emma. and technical aspects of Birds of pray are deserving. I love Hamilton and would consider giving it cinematography and editing awards because they are really the only new contribution beyond the original stage show but other than those 2 I think it's better situated at the Tony awards.

I have only seen 20 new release films so far this year though so I am really behind. New Zealand cinemas are open but without new films so I rewatched Ghostbusters, Moulin Rouge, a couple of Harry Potter films, Titanic in cinemas and I'm going to a John Carpenter double bill in a couple of weeks instead of seeing lots of new films. I'm particularly glad I got to see Moulin Rouge on a big screen because I never had (I had seen it at home many times though) and it is brilliant. I am also writing my thesis so am trying not to watch as many films as I usually do but I will watch Eurovision and First Cow this week and maybe old guard. I need to see Baby teeth too but it is releasing in cinemas here in September instead of streaming like I believe it is in the US so I'm looking forward to that.

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