Favorite podcast?

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Favorite podcast?

Post by Grimace »

I really like Behind the Bastards, The Big Picture, and the Ringer NBA Show's "The Mismatch".
Number one has to be Slow Burn though - what an experience.

Also, I think the Joe Rogan experience is very overrated.

What podcasts do you listen to?

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Re: Favorite podcast?

Post by Julie »

I adore listening to podcasts, especially when I go for my long daily walks.

I listen to Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP) for reality tv, especially Big Brother.

For the Oscars, I listen to All This and the Oscars Too, Awards Daily Water Cooler (tv), Gold Derby, Awards Circuit, Indiewire Screentalk, Little Gold Men, and a slew of others. I loved ADTV's recent podcast about the Emmy's Limited Series.

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Re: Favorite podcast?

Post by AlexInNz »

On Oscar podcasts have you listened to Next Best Picture? It might be my favourite other than Awards Daily - I generally rate film podcasts based on how passionate the people on them are about film and you can just tell Matt and everyone else on it truly do love cinema.

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