Saturday, September 24, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How come you don’t have this or that person on your predictions list? Everyone knows he/she is going to be nominated?
We offer up a contender tracker, which is not a predictions list. This is a record, of sorts, of who is gaining momentum throughout the year. Sometimes, though, there is a film or a name that deserves to be remembered either because it was well reviewed or because one of our staff felt it good enough for voters to remember. It turns into a predictions list after nominations and at that point it becomes more of a “general consensus” than an actual predictions.

2. Can I write in suggestions?
Sure you can. But we reserve the right to mull it over. We couldn’t put up every name that gets sent to us or it would be of no use to anyone, least of all, us.

3. How do we contact you?
You can send an email to me (Sasha Stone) or to Ryan Adams.

4. Can I advertise with Awards Daily?
Yes. We offer many different options for advertising, from our top tier Oscar campaigns, to smaller text ads or fixed locations for personal sites. Contact me for more info.

5. Who pays for your giveaways? Are they from studios?
Most of the time, we pay for them. Studios have nothing to do with the giveaways unless they have planned one in advance. We will always make a note when it’s a studio promotion versus our own promotion. Contests so far have not been sponsored and come out of AD’s own pocket.

8. Is Awards Daily owned by any parent company?
No. It was built by Sasha Stone, me, who started it as Oscarwatch back in 1999. It later became Awards Daily after she (I) was sued for copyright infringement.

9. Is Awards Daily hiring?
We have a small staff of writers but are always looking for interns.  We always accept contributions and op-eds. Contact me for more info on that.

9. I wrote to you but you never responded.
My stupid inbox gets so full that I often completely forget someone emailed me. If it is really important, please send it again. Don’t take my non-response for me not wanting to take your suggestion, or follow your link, or whatever. It’s just my crazy day. I want to thank everyone who has written in to tell me how much they love this site. I so appreciate each and every email sent – I can’t always respond but I try to say thank you whenever possible. If I never did, I’m saying it now: thank you. You readers make this site what it is.

10. Do you have anything to do with the Oscars?
No.  We write about them and it stops there.

11. Can you put me in touch with an actor or with the Academy?
No can do.

12. Why do you delete comments?
We try to have as open a forum as we can but we must edit comments to keep the site civil.  Most other websites moderate theirs. But we delete them instead.  We delete anything we find abusive, offensive, or there to antagonize rather than contribute.

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