Saturday, January 29, 2022

Documentary Feature Film – Good As Gold

Flee Summer of Soul The Rescue Ascension The Velvet Underground
(PGA; ACE; BAFTA Longlist; MPSE; NSFC; IDA; NYOn; BosOn; Gothams; NYFCC; HCA; Atl; Vegas; NBR; D.C.; Det; StL; AWFJ; SE; Phil; Chic; Port; PhxCC; Ind; Spirits; Fla; OAFFC; DFW; London; Utah; GWNY; Nevada; ColOH; ChicIndie; NC; SF; SanD; Austin; Hou; CFL; GA; ND; MCFCA; Den; Sea; KC; Tor; ICS; Iowa; OFCS; Satellite) (PGA; ACE; BAFTA Longlist; CAS; MPSE; IDA; CCA; Bos; LA; HCA; AFI*; Gothams; NBR; Vegas; Det; D.C.; AWFJ; St.L; Port; PhxCC; Phil; ChicSE; Ind; Fla; Spirits; NTex; OAFFC; London; BFC; DublinDFW; ColOH; NC; Hou; ChicIndieGWNY; SF; GA; CFL; SanD; Austin; HI; MCFCA; Den; Sea; Iowa; ND; OK; ICS; OFCSAAFCATor; KC; Satellite) (PGA; ACE; BAFTA Longlist; MPSE; Tiff; HCA; NBR; Vegas; OAFFC; Ind; St.L; D.C.; ChicIndie; Dublin; DFW; Austin; Hou; ColOH; SF; MCFCA; Iowa; Sea; GA; KC; OFCS; Satellite) (PGA; IDA; Gothams; NBR; AWFJ; Spirits; Satellite) (ACE; BAFTA Longlist; CAS; MPSE; NSFC; Chic; PhxCC; ColOH; NC; Den; London; Austin; SanD; SF; NTex; Ind; Port; St.L; Tor; OFCS; Satellite)

The rest of the shortlist:

  1. The First Wave (PGA; Utah; GA; HI; ND; MCFCA; Den; OK; D.C.)
  2. In the Same Breath (PGA; Spirits)
  3. Writing with Fire (PGA)
  4. Simple as Water (PGA)
  5. Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry (BAFTA Longlist; MPSE; HI; Sea; Port)
  6. Procession (LA; NSFC; Chic; Spirits; GWNY; ND; KC; Den; Fla; SF; DFW; OFCS; Ind; Satellite)
  7. Attica (ColOH; NBR)
  8. Julia (AWFJ; OAFFC; Satellite)
  9. Faya Dayi
  10. President


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