10 Shows to Binge Before Emmy Nominations


What Emmy-worthy shows should you absolutely binge before the Emmy nominations?

Since the Emmy nominations come out in exactly one week, this is a hectic time for voters and pundits. People are trying to watch a little bit of everything before the dust settles next Thursday morning, but what to watch? We constantly talk about how there is so much television to consume, and since some key Emmy players dropped out, there could be some movement in the big races.

In case you are too frazzled to make a decision in what to watch, take a look at the top 10 shows you should check out before next week’s announcement. Grab some drinks, hunker down, and enjoy a good old fashioned binge fest.


American Crime
Photo courtesy of ABC.

10. American Crime

The ABC drama was one of the most talked about limited series of the year, but then The People v. O.J. Simpson stole its thunder. Even though there is debate on how the series ended, you can’t deny the emotional punch the performances deliver. Felicity Huffman and Regina King stand a real chance to repeat, but Lili Taylor and Connor Jessup should not be counted out.

American Crime is available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of HBO.

9. Game of Thrones

I know what you’re thinking: I already watch Game of Thrones! The reigning Drama Series is not an underdog by any standards, so why include it? The fervor over the last few episodes had me, a nonbeliever, craving some battle scenes and grandeur. Fans obviously watched the show when it originally aired, but maybe they should go back just to appreciate the craft of the show even more.

Game of Thrones is available on HBOGo.

Photo courtesy of Hulu.

8. The Path

Does anything actually stand a chance to break into the Drama Series category? Will The Americans finally prevail, or will something new and exciting surprise us all? If we are taking risks, my money would have to be on the cult drama The Path. It’s a quiet show that features loud outbursts of strange strange drama, and it features Breaking Bad darling Aaron Paul. Is The Path an underdog?

The Path is available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of Hulu.

7. Casual

While Casual might not be an obvious Emmy player, it did land a Comedy Series slot in this year’s Golden Globe ceremony. Will it stay in voters’ minds to get anything? Here’s hoping.

Casual is available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of AMC.

6. The Night Manager

It feels like the John Le Carre adaptation didn’t make a huge splash on this side of the pond. The Night Manager has it all: great performances, a sense of mystery, sexy locales, and tight direction thanks to Susanne Bier. We even get a pre-Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston leading a double life opposite a quietly menacing Hugh Laurie. Don’t write this off as a stuffy British import.

The Night Manager is available on iTunes.

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The main reason to include this fan favorite on this list is to remind yourself how much you love it. The second season premiere in mid-April, but it feels like it’s been buried by everything else that’s come out since. The first season had an impressive showing at last year’s Emmys, so expect it to come back with a buttload of nominations. It should also be brought up yet again that Ellie Kemper failed to get a nomination last year. She needs to get nominated this time around!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available on Netflix.

Photo courtesy of HBO.

4. Girls

Sorry, haters, but Lena Dunham’s comedy is one of the best shows of the year. When our defenses were down, she delivered one of the most thoughtful and intelligent seasons in the show’s history. Is hitting it out of the park a sign of the quality we will get in its final season? There’s so much to love in this fifth season that you should just sit back and trust me. Don’t let your former thoughts on the show influence your viewing of this spectacular season.

Girls is available on HBOGo.

Lady Dynamite
Photo courtesy of Netflix.

3. Lady Dynamite

This might be the biggest long shot on this list, but any attention given to Maria Bamford is good in my book. Lady Dynamite is a crazy little monster, so it might be a bit too much for easygoing voters. While it’s whacky and off-the-wall, the show packs a surprising punch. Just when you think you’re about to die of laughter and embarrassment, Bamford pulls a one-two punch and brings real issues to the party. Co-creator Mitchell Hurwitz won 3 Emmys for the beloved Arrested Development, so maybe his name could catapult Bamford into the race.

Lady Dynamite is available on Netflix.

Photo courtesy of USA.

2. Mr. Robot

USA had a hit on its hands last summer with the tech thriller Mr. Robot, and it might become a threat in some Drama categories this year. Rami Malek’s performance seemed to land him every nomination under the sun, and it brought back Christian Slater to everyone’s conversation. Yes, that Christian Slater (he even picked up a Golden Globe along the way). While Game of Thrones is grand and violent spectacle, Robot feels more immediate and makes us questions identity and security. If anything could dethrone the fantasy series, it’s this.

Mr. Robot is available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of The CW.
  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hear me out. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the little show that could. If you’ve seen star Rachel Bloom at any  awards show, you will know the struggle it took to get this show to the small screen. The show is everything that people criticize: people hate musicals (shame on you!) and the show centers on a protagonist who makes questionable choices every episode. I have to ask you, though, isn’t that refreshing? Isn’t that bold? Even a musical theater geek like me questioned watching this show, but it’s insanely watchable. It’s also very funny, quotable, and starts conversations about relationships and motives we have when finding love. Or the love we think we deserve. Just watch it.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is available on Netflix.

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