2015 DGA TV Predictions: Will Women Rule?

The Director’s Guild of America (DGA) unveils the recipients of their 2015 awards on Saturday, February 7, in a ceremony that includes the higher profile film categories. This year’s nominees for television include a much more diverse group than the film nominees as women featured heavily across the drama, comedy, and commercial categories.

Here are the AwardsDaily TV gang’s predictions for how it will all go down Sunday night.


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  1. Avatar
    Robin Write 7 years ago

    Here are mine:

    Dramatic Series – Cary Joji Fukunaga
    Comedy Series – Jodie Foster
    TV Movies/Mini‑Series – Lisa Cholodenko
    Variety/Talk/News/Sports Regularly – Jim Hoskinson
    Variety/Talk/News/Sports Specials – Rich Russo
    Reality Programs – Anthony B. Sacco
    Children’s Programs – Joey Mazzarino
    Commercials – Nicolai Fuglsig

    1. Avatar
      Craig Kennedy 7 years ago

      Good picks! I predict it’ll come down to Reality/Children’s etc to determine who is the King of the TV DGAs

  2. Avatar
    Mike Madden 7 years ago

    Sacco for Reality?
    Who saw “the Chair”?

    1. Avatar
      Craig Kennedy 7 years ago

      I don’t even know what The Chair is which is partly why I didn’t pick it.

    2. Avatar
      Craig Kennedy 7 years ago

      Haha! Sacco won

      1. Avatar
        Robin Write 7 years ago


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