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Sure, the Emmys are great, but it’s our turn first. And so, the Coolie Awards…

Sunday night marks the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Sure, they’re kind of the gold standard for television awards. Yeah, they’re voted on by the 20,000+ members of the Television Academy. OK, they hand out pretty gold (gold-plated, am I right?) statues. But they aren’t voted on by the staff of AwardsDaily TV. They’re not The Coolie Awards. All I can say is, we stepped up where the Television Academy did not.

We voted back in June, just like the Television Academy did. We tried to stick with their voting rules and regulations as best we could, and we published our nominees on July 13 – one day before the Television Academy. Now, we’re announcing the winners just before all that Emmy noise. We just don’t have pretty, gold (gold-plated, am I right?) statues to hand out.

And the winners are…

(Photo: FX)
(Photo: FX)

(Photo: Netflix)

(Photo: A&E)
(Photo: A&E)

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    Al Robinson 5 years ago

    I have tried to get fully invested in Bates Motel, and I so far haven’t been successful. But it is a good show for what that’s worth. My favorite show on tv is Animal Kingdom on TNT. All the People vs OJ Simpson picks are correct in my opinion.

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