Let’s Cast ‘American Crime Story’ Season 3!!!

American Crime Story Season 3

Ryan Murphy announces the topic for American Crime Story Season 3 – Gianni Versace

We haven’t even seen anything from the second season of Ryan Murphy’s phenomenon American Crime Story, but it was confirmed on Tuesday that American Crime Story Season 3 will revolve around the murder of fashion mogul Gianni Versace. In 1997, the icon was gunned down outside his Miami Beach home by serial killer Andrew Cunanan, and the entire chronicle became loud tabloid fodder.

Will there be a John Travolta sized star trying to make a comeback in this lurid tale of bloodshed and glitter? Will Murphy be able to succeed with another mid-90’s media sensation story? Who is going to star in this thing? Here are 3 casting choices that should make his job a little bit easier.


When information started coming out about Andrew Cunanan, he was often described as a charismatic and charming individual. How to Get Away with Murder‘s Conrad Ricamora is definitely a fan favorite, but he’s unknown enough to carry the right mixture of menace and mystery. I have never been more dead set on a casting decision before. Don’t let me down, Ryan Murphy!


Murphy is probably going to get Antonio Banderas to play Gianni Versace, but I have something totally bonkers for him to consider. Anyone remember Just Shoot Me? Anyone? You in the back! Doesn’t Enrico Colantoni look a LOT like Versace? Sure, he’s not a tested dramatic actor, but look at that resemblance! It would at least be a way to make David Spade pissed. Plus, Colantoni did get a chance to play Versace in 2013’s House of Versace, but the least we say about that the better off we are. Murphy’s series would be Colantoni’s vindication, let’s just say that.


Tom Hardy was set to play Elton John already in Rocketman, but it seems that the project fell through. The picture of John weeping at Versace’s funeral is one of the most publicized picture of the entire saga.


I mean…this is going to happen, right? Lady Gaga is friends with Donatella Versace, and she’s besties with Ryan Murphy. I would put money on this. I would also accept Maya Rudolph or Sharon Stone.

Who do you think should be cast in American Crime Story Season 3? Sound off in the comments!

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