Aspects of Love: ‘Lost’ Gave Us One of TV’s Most Genuine Romances


ABC’s Lost is known for its labyrinthine mythology. It should be known for its great romance.

Television has celebrated couples like Rachel & Ross and Joey & Pacey. These are couples I have never cared about or related to. The only time I have dedicated my time to find out if two characters fall in love was when I was obsessed with Flavor of Love. I racked my brain to think about a romance I passionately rooted for. I initially only thought of Golden Girls’ Dorothy and Stan. After taking love a little more seriously I contemplated How to Get Away With Murder’s Conner & Oliver. In the end I went with a couple from one of my first television phenomenons: Lost’s Rose & Bernard.

The two were introduced as recurring characters that never contributed to Lost‘s mystery. Rose was introduced as a woman grieving her dead husband on the beach clutching his wedding ring. Jack comes to comfort her when she reveals that she knows Bernard is still alive. I (and just about every viewer) dismissed her as a lover in shock and grieving. Later on it was revealed that Bernard is still alive and it introduced the most inevitable moments on the show, their dramatic reunion.


The setup was stereotypical, Rose and Bernard were on opposite ends of a luscious tropical beach and the second they locked eyes and moved into the most genuine embrace. If this were any other show, then the scene would have climaxed with the two running into each other’s arms and making out while waves crashed in the background. ABC was never going to allow a moment like this to go to a couple in the fifties or sixties, however. Instead that moment went to Sun and Jin. What made Rose and Bernard’s moment genuine was the look of pure relief on their faces. Everyone told them they were wrong and would never reunite in that lifetime but all they wanted to know was whether or not the love of their life was safe.

Rose battled cancer, and Bernard was almost left alone in the world after waiting a lifetime for his soulmate. Before the famed Lost plane crash, Rose was ready to give up and prepare for death but the island gave the couple a second chance at life. Once they figured out the island was keeping Rose alive they made the easy decision of living the rest of their lives together in paradise. Leaving the material world behind, they ran away from the other survivors and built a hidden hut in the wilderness and even took Vincent with them.


Rose and Bernard were above petty storylines. They were never involved in any love triangles or “will they or will they not” storylines. As characters, they never involved themselves with the bullshit of the other Lost survivors. One of Rose’s final moments of dialogue was even an exasperated “it’s always something with you people,” a line that not only fits the main characters of Lost but also every modern young couple on television. So while everyone else remembers the love triangles of Brenda, Dylan, and Kelly I will be on the island with Rose and Bernard (and Vincent too)!

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