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Clarence firmly believes there is no such thing as too much TV or film in one's life. He welcomes comments, criticisms, and condemnations on Twitter or on the web site. Just don't expect him to like you for it.

AppleTV+’s Ted Lasso feels set to dominate this year’s Emmy Awards. It’s no coincidence that AppleTV+ released its second season just before the start of final round Emmy voting. Will ...

The Water Cooler Gang reveals their favorite TV shows of 2021 (so far). We close our podcast, as always, with the Flash Forward to the media we’re most anticipating in ...

It’s a big day in the Emmy world, so Team ADTV celebrates by offering you a video podcast. Here’s the audio for our podcast listeners! We gather around the Water ...

The Water Cooler Gang returns to FX's Dave - one of their favorite shows - to assess its second season.
emmy ballot

This is one of our very favorite podcasts, "If We Had an Emmy Ballot," where the Cooler Gang "votes" for the 2021 Emmys.

HBO Max’s Equal is a very special documentary series. As we celebrate Pride this month, we are constantly reminded that the pathway to true equality is a neverending road. Marriage ...

We regroup on AMC's new show Kevin Can F*** Himself, starring Emmy-winner Annie Murphy. Plus, we marvel at Jean Smart's incredible work ethic.

“I bloody miss you,” is the first thing Josh O’Connor says to his Romeo & Juliet co-star, Jessie Buckley. The in-demand actors lovingly reconnect as only good friends can before ...

The Water Cooler Gang gathers around the cooler to chat about this weekend's big movie release, the musical 'In the Heights.'

The Water Cooler Gang looks at Stephen King's adaptation of his own novel Lisey's Story, starring Julianne Moore and directed by Pablo Larrain.

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