Recap: Broad City s02e01 “In Heat”

Abbi and Ilana are back and life is good.

It’s 101 degrees in the city and Abbi’s date, male Stacey (Seth Rogen), passes out during sex (Ilana: Dude, did you… finish? Abbi: God, I raped him, dude! I, I raped male Stacey! I’m a monster.), she and Abbi goe on a mission to procure an air conditioner. Abbi’s ongoing Bed Bath & Beyond obsession is cast in a whole new light when we see her in her natural habitat and she seems to have a personal, dance-move/handshake-based relationship with the manager of every section of the store. As crazy as this sounds, it makes so much sense.

Of course the AC unit they buy is stolen off the street and the misadventures to find a suitable used one begin. Luckily, this particular misadventure in no way features Fred Armisen in a diaper, however it does feature a lot of weed and a group of college kids – one of whom Abbi tries to seduce until she finds out he’s just a high school senior visiting NYU. “I’m a repeated sex offender. I’m a monster and I just have to deal with that.”

Remember relatively innocent and modest Abbi from the first episode of last season? The one who carefully scheduled her vibrator time? I don’t think we’ll ever see that Abbi again. It only remains to be seen how far into debauchery and risky behavior she plummets in season two. I can’t wait.

Ahhhh…. Having Broad City back is even better than a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon. Also: kittens.

Abbi: Who the fuck are you? How did you get in to my apartment?

Sidenote: I want to be in on the story meeting where they decided it would be funny to insert Asian versions of the viciously maced Abbi and Ilana from last season’s episode “The Lockout” onto the subway in the cold open.

Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson and their dopelgangers in Broad City s01e04, s02e01

What did we learn this episode? (because beneath the comic overtones, Broad City is really a handy guide for life)

  • Penis optics are influenced by weight. “Every ten pounds a guy loses, he gains a visual inch.” – Illana
  • The best parts of Colin Ferrell’s sex tape are the pussy feasting at 8:58 and the master ass play at 9:44.
  • Never use the word “wipe” on a date in any context or for any reason.

Character defining moments: Abbi has an Oprah tramp stamp. Illana met Lincoln at a Footlocker. “She wasn’t buying anything, she was just chilling.” Because of course she was.

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