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Monday’s Water Cooler Podcast features a deep-dive into a topic equally loved and loathed by many: the television musical. We will explore the various ways music is used within television shows from the furthering the plot kind (the Buffy musical episode) to the diversification of income kind (Glee’s penchant for selling hundreds of thousands of tracks on iTunes). In addition to Buffy and Glee, we’re also going to look at the infamous Smash, the spectacular failure Cop Rock, and the music-filled and musical Grey’s Anatomy. In addition, we’ll look at how music drives current shows like Empire, American Horror Story, and the upcoming Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Join us on Monday and warm your vocal chords. We know you’ve got a spring in your step and a song in your heart. Or, at the very least, complete disdain for those things.

Posting Monday morning, the latest episode of Awards Daily TV’s Water Cooler podcast is a bit of an experiment. We will cover our reactions to the Emmy ceremony including host Andy Samberg, winners, losers, and any crazy production numbers. The big change this week is that we’re going to record toward the end of the Emmy ceremony, around 10pm ET right up until the bitter end.

If you have opinions / thoughts on the Emmys that you’d like to share with us “live” on air, then simply tweet us at @AwardsDailyTV. We’ll read your tweet on the podcast! Also, follow the ADTV crew during the ceremony for the latest snark. That’s @chmoye, @heydudemeg, and @joeymoser83 and others!

Join us for the Television Academy’s big night as we put the 2015 Emmy season to bed!

Monday’s new Water Cooler Podcast is our final podcast before the 2015 67th Annual Emmy awards are handed out on Sunday, September 20. This is it! This is our official predictions podcast for the categories that will be announced during the live Primetime ceremony. Will Mad Men take the trophy in its final season? Will either Taraji P. Henson or Viola Davis make history in the Drama Actress category? And, when the dust settles in the Supporting Actress Comedy category, who will take home the gold among the eight nominees? Tune in Monday as Megan, Joey, and Clarence weigh in with their opinions and justifications.

Coming up this weekend, watch for our coverage of the Creative Arts Emmys which may or may not give us clues into the Primetime ceremony’s ultimate winners. Game of Thrones is the early favorite to take home the most gold on Saturday but will that translate to big wins next Sunday?

Happy Labor Day everyone! The Awards Daily TV crew has taken a bit of a respite this weekend, but posting later today is our third Water Cooler Flashback. This time, Megan, Joey, and Clarence deep-dive into the controversial and much-maligned Arrested Development Season Four. We’ll explore what makes this season so dramatically different from its more acclaimed predecessors and what, if anything, is worth savoring from the season. Also, we’ll take a look at why the reaction to it has been so markedly negative when compared to other AD outings.

Please join us on our journey into Bluth Family absurdism later today!

On Monday’s Water Cooler Podcast, the Cooler gang gather around to discuss their favorite television theme songs. Whether they’re pop or orchestra-based, certain theme songs are inevitably stuck in our heads and are often the first aspects we recall of a classic TV show. Favorites like Cheers, The Simpsons, and Mary Tyler Moore are just a few of the many theme songs we plan to fondly discuss as we try to dig into the reasoning behind why they’re so successful. 

Before we jump into our main topic, we jump off the Emmy bandwagon for a week and take a look at some recent news stories. It’s a packed week at the Water Cooler, and we look forward to having everyone gather-round the Cooler with us. 

Primetime Emmy

Dropping Monday, the Water Cooler Podcast gang of Clarence, Megan, and Joey put down the Emmy prediction game for a week and make their personal picks in the major 2015 Emmy categories. Categories covered include Comedy, Drama, Limited, Movie/Mini, Reality, and Variety series. This coincides with the opening of the Emmy voting period, so it’s a good time for our team to gather around the Cooler and share their personal preferences in the Emmy season. Again, this is not who we think will win – just who we would vote for if we had an Emmy ballot.

Want to play along at home? Prepare your own Emmy ballot and share it with us in the Comments section below! We’ll read some of them aloud on the Podcast if you’d like a shout-out. Want to email your ballot? Send it to Clarence, and he’ll tally the viewer’s choices for the podcast.

Categories and nominees covered on the podcast are listed here.

Dropping Monday morning, the 36th chapter in Awards Daily TV Water Cooler Podcast focuses on two farewells: one fond and one potentially welcomed. First, we’ll gather around the water cooler and share fond memories of Jon Stewart as we celebrate his last week behind that Daily Show desk. Was it time, or did we want him to stick around through the 2016 Presidential election? Then, we’ll take a look at the season finale of HBO’s much-maligned second season of True Detective. Will the finale save it all? Or is this a chapter in prestige American television that we’d sooner forget?

Also, Megan and Joey reveal their personal connections to the characters on Billy Eicher and Julie Klausner’s Hulu comedy series Difficult People. Did this comic confection hit a little too close to home for two of the three M’s? Find out on Monday’s Water Cooler Podcast!

Monday on Awards Daily TV’s Water Cooler podcast, Megan, Clarence, and Joey gather around the cooler to discuss the premiere of Caitlyn Jenner’s reality series I Am Cait. Is this a Kardashian-level reality cash-in or is this something deeper? We also discuss how the series impacts other representations of transgender Americans on television.

Next, we discuss Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, the prequel series to the cult-classic 2001 film. Does the series do the film justice or does it damage the reputation of the original by adding celebrity cameos to the original’s lower wattage appeal?

Join us for these topics and more on Monday’s podcast!


On Monday’s Awards Daily TV Water Cooler podcast, Joey, Megan, and Clarence deep dive into the Fox phenomenon Wayward Pines, which recently wrapped up its 10-episode limited run. They’ll discuss the unexpectedly gripping nature of the series, what worked well and what didn’t with the wrap-up, and whether or not we want to return to the town of Wayward Pines next season. And given the recent Emmy nominations in the air, does Wayward Pines stand any chance at nominations next year? Also, we’ll hit a few notable news items from the week.

If you’re not done with the Pines, then binge this weekend and come join us on Monday! Also, remember that our next Water Cooler Flashback will happen in August with Arrested Development, Season Four.

It’s sure to be a great month ahead!

After the nominations had a chance to settle in, the Awards Daily TV crew of Joey, Megan, and Clarence go around the virtual table and give their thoughts on the 2015 Emmy nominations. While there’s much to praise (Amy Schumer, Kimmy Schmidt love), there are some… eccentricities… that make us go “hmm.” We dive into the major categories and speculate as to why some notable omissions were made. Additionally, we begin the task of sorting through the nominees and figuring out who the front runners are and which categories are real races.

Join us Monday for our first Emmy deep dive. And on our July 27th podcast… the unexpected phenomenon of Wayward Pines.

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