Kicking off this week’s look into Awards Daily TV’s favorite Saturday Night Live clips are two clips that satirize significant pop culture milestones: Starbucks and the 90s-era TV show Blossom. If you’d like more SNL discussion, then please check out the recent Awards Daily TV Water Cooler podcast on our SNL favorites.

Starbucks Verismo

When it first aired back in January 2013, viewers had the sense that SNL was getting away with something really big here – namely, they were effectively skewering Starbucks and their name-botching baristas while simultaneously deploying one of the more outwardly racist sketches in recent memory. SNL doesn’t take many chances of late, but this one felt a little over the top in its satire. What’s your take on Starbucks Verismo? Racist or much ado about nothing?


To anyone who grew up watching TV in the 90s, Blossom was something of an accidental cultural milestone. Equally loathed and beloved, the series had many quirks and eccentricities that made it ripe for SNL‘s grasp – the “very special episode” nature of the series, the quirky opening, the Joey Lawrence and Mayim Balkiness of it all. What aired is an unsung SNL classic, a throwback to the days when Mike Myers played human beings that weren’t named Wayne and Melanie Hutsell gave every skit she was in her all.

Feel free to comment below and give us your recommendations for the best of or the unsung treasures of Saturday Night Live.

With the show taping at Carson’s old stage in beautiful downtown Burbank this week, Jimmy Fallon staged a 100% Screech free ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion last night on The Tonight Show and the crowd kind of went apeshit.


Spoiler alert here, but AMC has released the first few minutes of Sunday night’s mid-season opener for its smash hit series The Walking Dead. The brief clip highlights the fallout from the last new episode which saw the death of fan favorite Beth (Emily Kinney).

The creators have not officially confirmed it, but the wide speculation is the survivors will make their way to the famed Alexandria destination featured in the comics.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 8, at 8PM EST on AMC.

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