‘Drag Race’ Season 9 Queens Are Dressed to Kill

Joey Moser looks at the unveiled contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Drag Race Season 9 premieres March on Logo.

Our Drag Race Mother has delivered…again.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2 just ended in October, but we already have another batch of queens ready to fight it out for Drag Race Season 9 of the now Emmy Award-winning reality show. We don’t even have time to shop for a new lace front! There is one rule when watching these first glimpses: never judge a queen by her Meet the Queens video! Don’t be shady, be a lady.

There will be 13 queens this season, and there are some babies in this bunch! We also get a semi-British import from the show’s oldest ever contestant, Charlie Hides.

With all the bright colors and energy, it’s clear that they are keeping it light and bright this year. Ru even says at the end of the promo that this is the show we need right now. Amen! It looks like a CoverGirl advertisement with spokesqueens that actually want to be there.

Gawk at all the new queens from this season and let us know who you are rooting for this year, and then check out the first teaser for the season.


Absolutely love her. Big hair and a big heart? I’m digging her 60’s Raquel Welch vibe she’s giving out in this video. Guido Contini would try to sleep with her.


Sorry, Aja, but I’m not a fan of this. Give us something!

Kimora Black

Confidence is key in a competition like this, sure, but maybe Miss Kimora Blac should serve a tinge of humility? And, yes, she is hot as a boy. The thirst is going to be major when the queens see him in the Werk Room for the first time. Brace yourselves.

Jaymes Manfield

First of all, I love her name. Secondly (and more importantly), she isn’t hiding that she is hungry for it. I can’t wait to see her on Snatch Game.

Charlie Hides

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Charlie Hides?

Farrah Moan

I love how up front she is about her personal preferences (Farrah Moan is an awesome name), but that might put some people off. She’s got a kewpie doll face with a sexually forward attitude. Intrigued about this one.

Eureka O’Hara


Nina Bo’nina Brown

Dig the name. Dig the commitment. I love a lot about this. Check out some of her other pictures, however, and chunky makeup is the only thing I can see. Says the guy who has never applied anything to his face, so I should probably shut the hell up.

Sasha Velour

I wrote Sasha Velour off just from one picture, but look at those eyebrows. She’s going to be fun. Plus, she knows her stuff.

Alexis Michelle

Classy and sassy? I’m listening…

Alexis Michelle may sound like a generic name (what’s in name…?), but she doesn’t seem like she’s going to be shaken by anyone anytime soon. The last time a helpful queen was vocal about being secure about herself, it was Bianca Del Rio. And we all know how that turned out.

Shea Couleé

Am I the only one distracted by her bedazzled headpiece?


What a warm presence Miss Peppermint exudes! Is she tough enough to survive the competition? Points for her Endora drag in this vid.

Trinity Taylor

The color is nice, but that’s all I got. Blue blue blue. Who is Trinity Taylor again?

Season 9 Full Promo

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 will premiere in March on LOGO.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Shea Coulee for a long time and am so excited for her to finally be on the show. She’s from the same Chicago culture as Kim Chi, Trixxie, and Pearl and has some pretty outstanding Instagram looks as well as some great music videos.

    How many years do I have to wait for a Portland queen? The closest we have to representation is Jinxxx and she barely counts…

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