Extant Recap: A New World

At the beginning of this week’s singular episode of Extant, Sparks is on the run with his reconciled wife and their daughter.  Nothing like a shape-shifting alien baby offspring to bring back the family!  When Yasumoto’s men are sent to retrieve the baby, it uses its control to force one of the soldiers to take the rest of them out.  When Molly and Kern stumble on the scene later, Yasumoto tells Molly that she needs to bring him the offspring if “she wants to speak to her family again…take that however you like.”

At Chez Yasumoto, John is beginning to get suspicious of his host.  He records a conversation between Yasumoto and an assistant and translates it to discover that Yasumoto is running low on his drugs to keep him young.  Where’s Isabella Rossellini and those hunky Chippendales when you need them to provide you with a youth serum?  When John breaks into Yasumoto’s safe, Yasumoto tells John that he knows Ethan has sneaked out.

Remember when your mother taught you to never trust a hot guy with an accent?  Well, maybe that’s not a traditional, motherly cautionary tale, but Odin puts the idea in Ethan’s mind that John has plans to shut him down.  He makes Ethan think he was progressing too quickly, and when he “checks on” Ethan’s power, Odin takes both packs out of Ethan’s back rendering him unconscious.

When Molly and Kern catch up with Sparks at a small motel, Anya and Katie are nowhere to be found.  He tells Molly that Katie made him choose between continuing their dangerous runaway or slowing down.  Molly and Kern take him to the ISEA where we meet Ryan Jackson, the man who has been in charge since Sparks decided to run around like a crazy person.  Sure.  Introduce another male character.  Perhaps this one will last an entire episode?  Sparks insists that he doesn’t know where his wife and “daughter” went, so Molly calls Yasumoto and lies about having the baby.  She insists to everyone that the baby will only trust her (Will they listen?  Surely they won’t just in time for a big finale!), so Yasumoto must come alone to exchange her baby for John and Ethan.

Meanwhile, the love of my life Odin plants a remote device into Ethan’s back and wakes him up…

Extant s01e11a

After a scuffle with Yasumoto, we learn why he is so desperate for the Tang-like substance and how it connects with Molly’s baby.  Flashback time!  Yasumoto used to work for Claypool Industries as a miner in order to provide for his young wife and unborn child.  He got trapped in a collapsed mine, but found a substance that kept him alive for the entire month he was trapped.  The same substance has been keeping him alive for over 140 years.  At this point, Neutrogena executives had to remind themselves that Extant is just a television drama.

The deeper in space Yasumoto explored (you know, over the 100 years he was alive), the closer he got to the origins of the meteor and its orbit.  Basically, Molly’s baby is the object of eternal youth.  Oh, so it all comes down to people clamoring for youth?  How Hollywood.  Molly leaves to find Sparks, and she realizes that he stayed behind so Anya and Katie could get away.  A few episodes ago, Molly contacted the current Seraphim astronaut, Sean Glass, and the Seraphim has been hovering over Earth.  ISEA officials board, and the bring someone very special with them: adult Katie Sparks.  The last image we see is Anya laying on the ground, presumably dead, as her beloved little girl walks out into the world—alone and dangerous.

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