HBO confirms pricing, launch partner for ‘HBO Now’

According to an article first published in the International Business Times, HBO is officially moving forward with its stand-alone streaming service to debut next month as HBO Now. This is not surprising news as it has been previously confirmed that HBO was going in the Amazon Prime and Netflix direction of offering its programming without a cable or satellite tether.

The big news is the unveiling of the pricing structure – $15 per month – and the identification of a launch partner in Apple through its Apple TV content provider. It was later confirmed at an Apple products conference that Apple TV and other iOS devices will be the exclusive mobile provider for the service. Users will still be able to access the service from standard PCs. The pricing structure is significantly higher than rival Netflix whose costs range from $8 to $12 per month.

The launch of HBO Now will be timed to coincide with the April 12 Season Five premiere of HBO’s most popular show Game of Thrones. This move will bring shows like Thrones – a show that consistently sets records for most illegal downloads – to some 10 million TV viewers who do not buy cable packages, according to the article.

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