New ‘Penny Dreadful’ Season Three Art and Trailer

A new trailer is now available for Penny Dreadful Season Three

Showtime released artwork for Penny Dreadful season three. As shown below, the image shows a tormented figure forming a skull given the position of his arms on his head and his legs. It’s a very cool image even if it gives no real sense of the third season. It fondly reminds me of the great Silence of the Lambs poster. In that great art, the bodies of three women form the skull located on the death’s head moth. Both images are creepy, unsettling, and effectively evoke a sense of horror originating from the human body. Both Penny Dreadful and Silence played around with that concept significantly already.

Penny Dreadful season three will introduce Dr. Jekyll and, presumably, Mr. Hyde. That certainly plays into the human body/horror theme. A trailer is also now available (below).

The new season premieres May 1 on Showtime.


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