Review: Orphan Black, Season Three ‘Episode Eight’

Warning: this recap comes complete with a speedometer, if that were at all possible. The term “blink and you’ll miss it” could not be more appropriate here, as Orphan Black goes full throttle. Taking into account this is a show that has little or no issues at all with pacing as it is. Cramming so many mini-plot twists and turns, narrative developments, and with all sorts of information springing out of the woodwork, I had to invest in a speed-typing crash course to get this review out before the season ends. That closure is two weeks away, though, but is heading straight for us.

We open with Delphine getting her hands creamed and nails polished. I know there is a collective term for that treatment, which escapes me now. I’m distracted because the beautician is a vibrant blonde that looks like that other girl, what’s her name? Sarah. And Helena of course. A bit like Alison too. I feel like I have fallen behind in a matter of minutes, but this new clone is Crystal. Are we clear? Delphine later claims that was the best manicure she has ever had. Manicure, that’s it.

Much later, Felix and Sarah decide to scout Crystal, without telling her a single thing about the whole clone business. Turns out though she knows more than they first realized. This short-term snooping does give Felix an opportunity to don a new accent and play it, well, straight. For the time being. And this is entertaining, “You don’t need to shag her?” Sarah tells Felix when she feels he may be over-playing it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Coady is in the Mexican cantina asking about twins – a blonde and a brunette. Her face is badly scared from that explosion, but she clearly survived it. Later, when Scott returns to his apartment (yes, action figures everywhere) Castor clone Rudy is waiting for him, stroking the cat like a Bond villain. Is this intentional? I mean, Rudy is a threat, but he appears to be no Blofeld.

So now Delphine finds out about the coding in the book (‘The Island of Dr Moreau’), the can is open, and there are worms all over the place. When asked, Cosima says a copy was not made of the book – which is not strictly true. Scott breaks Rachel out of Diad, they unite with Sarah and co who have the photocopied book. They are, of course, interrupted though, in a scene juxtaposing Delphine and Cosima succumbing to a kiss. Distracting us from doubts over Shay, our suspicions of Delphine continue to yo-yo.

Earlier, Sarah caught up with Cosima via video chat, Skype to be precise. Sarah longs to move forward, feeling she is always one step behind. Tell us about it. Cosima once again claims she is fine health-wise, and that she is not the patient here. Also via Skype, Scott reveals to Sarah the coding scribbled in the book, and thus the urgency to speak to Rachel increases. They, Sarah and Siobhan, speak to her on the video call – behind Delphine’s back no less. Rachel offers de-coding the book in return for a quiet life, in Taiwan, and out of Diad. If only things were that simple.

Elsewhere, and as if they are not busy enough, Alison and Donnie are taking on temporary recruits Helena and Gracie. But should they even be in the same room together given their recent history? Also, having attempted to kiss Alison (it was Cosima imitating actually) in the last episode, Jason is over at Bubbles trying it on again. Donnie soon confronts Jason, and they fight. To recap, Jason is the high school boyfriend slash current drug associate, and Bubbles is the shop Alison purchased from her mother. Keep up.

Understandably, keeping up with the full-throttle Orphan Black is tricky business, but captivating all the same. Episode eight may take a little longer to swallow, that is if you did not choke while wolfing it all down. Even next week’s preview at the close of the episode has some key and crucial looking teasers. We don’t need these glimmers right now, let us please digest what we’ve just seen first. Not that I or any other member of Clone Club is ungrateful. We’re getting more than value for money with this membership.


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