Streaming: January’s Netflix Television Offerings

So, January is a bit of a slower month for new streaming options from Netflix. Still, there are a few options that may tide you over in your post holiday doldrums. Or you could just check out old movies on Hulu, Amazon, or HBO Go / Now. Your call.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2 – Dragons is an animated series based on the just-so popular Dreamworks films How to Train Your Dragon. Funny story, as I just typed that, I accidentally typed How to Drain Your Dragon which most assuredly should not be viewed by children on Netflix. Or anywhere. Dragons Season Two debuts on January 8.

Tom Segura: Mostly Stories – January 8 also sees the premiere of bearded comic (because he’s called that more than once in the Internet) Tom Segura’s latest stand-up special. Here, he discusses Russian politics, the effects of Chinese markets on the U.S. Dollar, and the theory of relativity. Nah. Just kidding. He’s talking about body piercings, the “Area 51” of men’s bodies, and an elaborate lie he told to Mike Tyson. Line up now.

Parks and Recreation – Netflix is dropping the final 13-episode season of the beloved Amy Poehler NBC series on January 13. If you’ve missed the sweet flash-forward series finale, then this is your chance to catch up.

Degrassi: Next Class – So, apparently, this is a thing. The words “beloved Canadian tween drama” actually appeared online when I Googled Degrassi. This thing apparently also starred Drake. Well, Netflix is rebooting it starting January 15 with significantly less fanfare than its February-bound Fuller House.

Chelsea Does – Netflix offered comic Chelsea Handler her own documentary series where she apparently explores such varied topics as marriage, drugs, racism, and Silicon Valley. Good for her. Chelsea Does drops on January 23.

Ever After High: Dragon Games – This Netflix original production attempts to further tap the rebranded fairy tale / princess market started by Disney then pirated by Ever After High and their omnipresent dolls and then re-pirated by Disney with The Descendants film and omnipresent dolls. Got it? Good. Me either. Anyway, Dragon Games is available on January 29.

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