ADTV Advent Calendar

The final day of the ADTV Advent Calendar then. Maybe next year we can start it from October so we can include the many, many TV Christmas moments missed here. Hope you enjoyed it all, now finish up here, and ...

On the penultimate day of the ADTV Advent Calendar, a popular host and his crew conjure up a rendition of a modern Christmas classic.

Publix has built a reputation for touching holiday commercials over the years, but nothing has topped their 2013 entry which features a little girl making cookies for a special holiday visitor.

Just a few days to go now until the big day, and for day 21 of the ADTV Advent Calendar I thought we'd go for another Christmas-related television commercial. Make a wish.

Day 20 of the ADTV Advent Calendar takes one of recent television's most socially awkward, set-in-stone, but somehow likable characters, and almost makes him human.

After trawling through hours and hours of footage (am I joking?) I finally managed to settle with a well-loved American TV sitcom for Day 19 of the ADTV Advent Calendar.

Sorry for perhaps depressing you all yesterday, but Day 18 of the ADTV Advent Calendar is a much more uplifting affair - do please keep those tissues handy though.

Day 17 of the ADTV Advent Calendar brings us some classic television about the strong family bond - kind of.

At Christmas, it is a time to invite people into your home and show hospitality. It is not necessarily a time to tie guests to chairs and cause them severe pain. Jus' sayin'.

I don't know about you lot in America, but here in the UK we are suffering the cold weather without any snow as of yet. Day 15 of the ADTV Advent Calendar kindly obliges.

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