Review: Saturday Night Live ‘Dakota Johnson and Alabama Shakes’

Dakota Johnson’s Saturday Night Live debut underscores two things about the show. First, having untested actors host the show just because they star in a buzzy film is very risky. Second, failing to back that untested star with good writing is almost a sin.

SNL 40: WTFery Afoot!

The 3.5-hour Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special airs tonight on NBC, and the Awards Daily TV crew wraps up their week-long series on favorite or unusual skits from the series. Join in the fun and share your personal favorites during tonight’s epic, celebrity-filled celebration.

Review: Saturday Night Live “J.K. Simmons and D’Angelo”

Saturday Night Live’s traditional “Oscar heat host” was Whiplash’s J.K. Simmons. Oddly, the veteran character actor felt overshadowed by the cast, failing to make much of a comic impression.

Review: Saturday Night Live “Blake Shelton”

Sometimes, if you pay close (or, honestly, even casual) attention to the news, you can spot a Saturday Night Live cold open sketch a mile away. Such prognostication was rewarded this week when SNL opened with the New England Patriots “deflategate” on the forefront of their minds. It’s just too juicy a story for them …