Fear the Walking Dead

Sophomore Slumps

This week, Megan takes control of the Water Cooler and leads the team in a discussion of potential sophomore slumps for summer shows.
Fear the Walking Dead

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spin-off 'Fear the Walking Dead' takes to the seas to keep it fresh. Does the watery setting work for the troubled series?

A controversially different take on the traditional zombie show, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead finishes its abbreviated premiere season on a high note, giving the masses what they crave.

AMC’s The Walking Dead largely began (following a brief prelude illustrating his near-death experience) in media res with Frank Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) waking after the zombie apocalypse was already well underway. Frank’s unconsciousness and subsequent revival was a good way to quickly integrate ...

The first three minutes of Fear the Walking Dead shows some of the carnage and gore fans of the original series have come to expect.

AMC hit Comic-Con with two big zombie-based announcements and trailers. First off, the big daddy zombie show The Walking Dead premiered a super-sized Season Six trailer and set October 11 as its premiere date with a 90-minute episode. The trailer features ...

AMC has unveiled yet another teaser for August’s Fear the Walking Dead, a spin-off of its smash hit staple series. Fear will run six episodes, likely leading up until the premiere of the sixth season of The Walking Dead.

In this Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead appears to heavily feature people running in terror from unseen foes. Gee, wonder what’s chasing this guy? All kidding aside, it’s an odd teaser assuming the standard zombie masses used in the parent series will ...

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