Review: SNL ‘Scarlett Johansson and Wiz Khalifa’

SNL returns to live episodes by wasting Scarlett Johansson and continuing to dump their seemingly unending source of uninspired material. Hightlights: a romantic comedy trailer featuring Marvel’s Black Widow and a Colin Jost joke. In other news, hell has frozen over.

Review: Saturday Night Live “J.K. Simmons and D’Angelo”

Saturday Night Live’s traditional “Oscar heat host” was Whiplash’s J.K. Simmons. Oddly, the veteran character actor felt overshadowed by the cast, failing to make much of a comic impression.

Review: Saturday Night Live “Kevin Hart and Sia”

Saturday Night Live returned from its traditional midseason break with diminutive host Kevin Hart and musical guest Sia, and the proceedings started on a strong note largely thanks to Kenan Thompson’s amusing Martin Luther King, Jr., impersonation, complete with a resonant sermonizing voice. The setting was Pete Davidson (committing my personal SNL cardinal sin of …