Wayward Pines

Emmy nominations

2016 Emmy voting runs Monday, June 13 to Monday June 27. Here's a list of underdogs we hope get treated with Emmy nominations.
Wayward Pines

'Wayward Pines' returns after a season largely fueled by stunning surprises. With the element of surprise removed, what does season two have left to offer?

The Water Cooler Podcast gang have held their breath long enough... It's time to talk about Wayward Pines.

The Water Cooler podcast gang finally gets to gush about their summer obsession, Wayward Pines.

Well, the Wayward Pines experiment is over, and, even if you’d read the novels it’s based upon, there was at least one surprise left for your viewing pleasure as the series wrapped up.  You can’t really talk about Wayward Pines without spoiling it, ...

Summer TV is upon us and two early entries - ABC's The Whispers and FOX's Wayward Pines - are showing positive results.

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