The ADTV Advent Calendar – Day 24

The Office

The final day of the ADTV Advent Calendar takes us back across the water to the States from England, where The Office was first created by Ricky Gervais. Steve Carell and co found their feet rather quickly with the remake and made it their own to a large extent – one of the most-loved TV shows in our house. With it came a fine selection of Christmas related moments to choose from. Spoiled for choice, then, I opted for the classic rivalry between Angela’s Christmas party and then Pam and Karen’s apparently way more fun party. The quick-witted comedy banter back-and-forth between characters was a massive part of The Office‘s charm and success before it literally lost the plot somewhat in its final season. As Angela consults Dwight over the phone at the restaurant we are reminded of further great moments from that scene – not featured in the following clips. That’s right, plural, there are two videos for you today. Don’t ever say I don’t spoil you. Merry Christmas everyone.

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