The ADTV Advent Calendar – Day 3

The Muppets Parody with Katy Perry (The Simpsons)

A few years ago The Simpsons aired a four-segment Christmas special entitle “The Fight Before Christmas,” the final section of which appears to be a live action show – The Simpsons meets The Muppets and Sesame Street. The in-joke punchline suggests that they may have spent their budget on Katy Perry’s appearance in a tight-fitting, cleavage ebbing, red latex dress with The Simpsons characters on it. Perry is apparently Moe’s girlfriend and joins in as they all sing Mr Burns’ alternative version of a Christmas classic “Thirty-Nine Days of Christmas.” It gets rather crude in the final credits as Perry is kissed off-shot “That’s not my belly-button,” but her revealing attire caused a stir with producers of preschool show Sesame Street, though Perry herself was very flattered to be a part of it all. That’s the spirit.

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