The ADTV Advent Calendar – Day 7

Saved Christmas For You (Gilmore Girls)

One of the most endearing qualities about Gilmore Girls is that it’s setting, tone, characterisation et al has an underlying layer of human warmth, so although not quite Pleasantville, the show does not necessarily have to lay it on thick for the holidays. In this particular Christmassy moment Lorelai is light-hearted betrayed by her daughter Rory, having waited for her arrival before beginning the festivities, she smells a rat. Or rather, cookies. As always the snippy, quirky duo chew up pages of dialogue effortlessly in a matter of a minute or so – never muddled, always enjoyable – as their bickering provides some of TV’s more emotionally intelligent writing. This was never a serious confrontation, neither have the power to actually stop the snow after all.

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