Upcoming: U2 Concert Specials and a Live Exorcism

Two wildly different television specials will air in the fall under an undoubtedly huge amount of publicity.

First, Destination America has announced the airing of the first live televised exorcism on October 30 – well timed for Halloween. Titled more like a musical than a horror event, Exorcism: Live! will be filmed at what is billed as “the original Exorcist House” near St. Louis where infamous exorcisms were allegedly performed on Roland Doe. Remember that this is not the first exorcism seen on television: Barbara Walters aired a filmed exorcism during a 20/20 special in 1991.

In lighter yet no less intense news, HBO will premiere two U2 concert specials in November. Airing first will be a behind-the-scenes documentary on November 7. That will lead into U2’s televised Parisian concert in Bercy Arena on November 14.

No word if any of the above-mentioned specials will feature pea-soup vomiting.

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