Podcast: The Art of Hate-Watching and ABC’s The Catch

ABC's The Catch

Episode 76: We explore what it means to hate-watch which may or may not have something to do with ABC’s The Catch.

We’ve got a full slate for this week’s Water Cooler Podcast! First up, we’ll jump back a few podcasts to revisit the topic of upcoming series cancellations (ABC’s The Muppets) and renewals (ABC’s The Catch). Now that the major networks have officially unveiled their intentions, where did we get it right? Where did we go wrong? And what makes us still shake our head? Then, we’ll review the first three episodes of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix talk show, Chelsea.

Our main topic is the concept of hate-watching which leads us to a discussion of ABC’s recently renewed The Catch. What is hate-watching? What shows do we admit to hate-watching? And what does that have to do with The Catch?

As always, we close with our TV Flash Forward. Check back with us next week as we deep-dive into the hotly contested Limited Series categories at the 2016 Emmys. Could it be the most interesting races this year? Find out next week!


3:17 – Fall TV Cancellations / Renewals
17:34 – Chelsea
31:16 – Hate-Watching and ABC’s The Catch
54:36 – Flash Forward

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  1. Avatar
    Li 6 years ago

    I’m still trying to figure out The Catch, which started out as a Thomas Crown Affair show, and how it’s — I don’t know what to say about it. Good acting. Good looking actors. The story pulls you in and by the end of the show, you’re like — WTH just happened?

    1. Avatar
      Clarence Moye 6 years ago

      It wishes it were a Thomas Crown Affair show. 🙂

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