TCA Awards and Reviewing the 2016 Amazon Pilots

Amazon pilots

Episode 82: We take a look at the recent TCA Award nominations and review the new crop of Amazon Pilots.

This week at the Water Cooler, Joey, Megan, and Clarence discuss the recent Television Critics’ Association (TCA) awards. Who received the most nominations? Who benefited more as the announcement comes during the Emmy voting window? We’ll discuss this and whether or not these awards have any influence at all on Emmy voters. The 2016 Amazon Pilot season provides our central topic for the week. We review the two major entries in this year’s crop of Amazon Pilots, down from last year’s five entries. We take a look at The Last Tycoon, a throwback to early 20th century Hollywood, and The Interestings, an adaptation of Meg Wolitzer’s acclaimed novel. Of the two, which do we recommend for promotion? Do we recommend any? And is this Amazon Pilot methodology a good way to realize new television shows?

As always, we close with the Flash Forward.

On next week’s star-spangled podcast (dropping on July 4, natch), we’re going to take stock of the 2016 year in television at the halfway point. With so much great television this year, it will be fascinating to see how long our “Best of” lists are halfway through the year.

Until then, ENJOY!

03:56 – TCA Awards
36:58 – Amazon Pilots
01:09:09 – Flash Forward

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