Surveying the ‘Animal Kingdom’ and Our Emmy Wishes

Animal Kingdom

Episode 90: This week, we take a look at Season 1 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom. Plus, we list our 2016 Emmy Wishes.

On this week’s Water Cooler Podcast, we’re taking a deeper / spoiler-filled look at TNT’s summer hit Animal Kingdom, which was recently renewed for Season 2. What does the character-driven action series ultimately offer after a well-received pilot episode? What works and what doesn’t work across the series? Plus, what chance does the series have next year during the 2017 Emmy season?

Monday, August 15, marked the start of the 2016 Emmy voting window. In a segment called, Emmy Wishes, we take a break from our weekly Emmy analysis and list those winners we’d most like to see on Emmy night. Finally, we close with the Flash Forward of what television most excites us in the upcoming week. Thanks for listening!

03:59 – TV Departures
14:19 – Animal Kingdom (***Spoilers***)
40:22 – Emmy Wishes
56:46 – Flash Forward

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