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Kevin Klawitter is a guest contributor for AwardsDaily TV. You can find him on Twitter @KevinKlawitter.

WGN America's 'Underground' beautifully tackles difficult subject matter with grace and style. Emmys should pay attention to this brilliant series.

AMC's new martial arts entry 'Into the Badlands' features the expected jaw-dropping fight choreography but is bogged down by an excess of mythology and clichéd dialogue.

One of the primary sources of tension on Hannibal was whether or not Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham would give in to the compulsion to become a killer, and the key ...

Hannibal's latest entry advances the Season Three plot forward, hopefully silencing all of those who have complained that the show has been too focused on character development.

If “Primavera” is somewhat more conventional an episode compared to last week’s “Antipasto”, it still follows the premiere’s path for storytelling that is dictated more by character and emotion rather ...

With Hannibal‘s Season 3 premiere, Bryan Fuller has proven again that he is by no means interested in playing out the story of Thomas Harris’s legendary serial killer in a ...

Whether you love them, hate them, or exist somewhere in between, you can’t deny that on the big screen at least, Marvel Studios has had some of the most consistent ...

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