2018 Emmys

The Cooler Gang is joined by ADTV's Jalal Haddad to celebrate their 200th podcast and chat about the 2018 Emmys ceremony. Plus, we put our 2019 Emmy predictions into the ...

The Cooler Gang gathers around the Water Cooler for our final-ish 2018 Emmy predictions. This time, we're tackling our final thoughts on who stands the best chance to take home ...
2018 Limited Series Emmy predictions

This week, the Cooler Gang cover their 2018 Limited Series Emmy predictions. Plus, it's Oscar season, which means it's time for our latest Fantasy Oscar Pool.

The Cooler Gang flashes back to 1970s Washington, D.C., as Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams help bring down the Nixon Administration. Plus, Sharp Objects and Hereditary at this week's Water ...
Cameron Britton

Mindhunter's Cameron Britton talks to Awards Daily about how he became serial killer Ed Kemper, how the role impacted his life, and what his Emmy nomination means to him.
guest performance

This week, the Cooler Gang looks at the 2018 Emmy-nominated Guest performance races. Who's ahead going into the second week of Emmy voting? Who's a potential spoiler? Plus, Consider... our ...

American Horror Story: Cult brings co-star Adina Porter her first Emmy nomination after 30 years in television, film, and theater. Here, she talks about Emmy morning, the crazy genius of ...
Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel returns to television in a ferocious and emotional performance that should catapult her to serious Emmy contention.
2018 Creative Arts Emmy

This week, the Water Cooler gang looks at major races within the 2018 Creative Arts Emmy categories. Plus, is it too early to start talking about the 2019 Limited Series ...

The Our Favorite Movies series continues with Clarence Volume 5 entry, a guilty pleasure in 1995's Showgirls. Awful film? Camp classic? Misunderstood masterpiece? Or all three?

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