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Clarence firmly believes there is no such thing as too much TV or film in one's life. He welcomes comments, criticisms, and condemnations on Twitter or on the web site. Just don't expect him to like you for it.

Megan gives her Our Favorite Movies Volume 4 pick, There's Something About Mary. We talk about the greatest moments of this comedy classic and discuss if this would fly today.

Kyle MacLachlan joins the Water Cooler to talk about his phenomenal work as three (plus?) characters in Showtime's Twin Peaks return.

The Water Cooler Gang is joined by two very special guests from Awards Daily TV as they discuss the current trends and gossip in 2018 Emmy campaigning.

The Handmaid's Tale's Yvonne Strahovski joins the Water Cooler to discuss Serena Joy's complex relationships with the Commander and Offred as well as her moments in the spotlight.

The Cooler Gang returns to a favorite topic: our annual If We Had an Emmy Ballot podcast. Megan, Joey, and Clarence each list their votes in major categories if they ...
2018 Emmy Long Shots

The Cooler Gang gathers around the Water Cooler to highlight some of their favorite 2018 Emmy long shots. Plus, we catch up on Kimmy Schmidt, Samantha Bee, and more!
ice storm

The Cooler Gang reviews the latest entry in the Our Favorite Movies series. Joey's Volume 4 pick is Ang Lee's 1997 film The Ice Storm. Plus, we cover all the ...
2018 Fall Network TV

The Cooler Gang takes a look at the big 2018 Fall Network TV premieres via some recently released trailers. Plus, we dive in Jason Reitman's Tully.
tv cancellations

It's just another Megan-less Monday at the Water Cooler Podcast where Joey and Clarence talk 'Patrick Melrose,' Emmys, TV cancellations, and Tony nominations.
pop quiz

Joey quickly devises a devious and downright dastardly pop quiz for Megan and Clarence. Who emerges victorious? Listen and find out!

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