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Clarence firmly believes there is no such thing as too much TV or film in one's life. He welcomes comments, criticisms, and condemnations on Twitter or on the web site. Just don't expect him to like you for it.

In an epic podcast, the Water Cooler gang catches up on everything in entertainment from holiday films, recent awards, and upcoming TV series.

This week on the Water Cooler Podcast, Joey, Megan and Clarence list their most anticipated films and television of 2018.
holiday inn

On this week's podcast, the Cooler gang review one of Megan's favorite movies, Holiday Inn, as we close out Our Favorite Movies, Volume 2.
television shows

The Cooler Gang huddles around the Water Cooler to reveal their personal picks in the best television shows of 2017, including our favorite performances.
Golden Globes

This week, Awards Daily's Jalal Haddad joins the Cooler Gang to discuss the latest in awards season fashion - the Critics Choice and Golden Globes.

The Cooler gang reviews The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and discuss their place within the awards season.

In our latest entry in the Our Favorite Movies Volume 2 series, Joey Moser presents one of his personal favorites, the controversial Madonna musical Evita.
2017 Amazon Pilots

The Cooler Gang reviews the latest crop of 2017 Amazon Pilots and tackles some Oscar prognostication in advance of December's big critics awards.
2017 Thanksgiving

The Cooler Gang gathers 'round the water cooler to give thanks for the great things in 2017 in our Water Cooler Podcast 2017 Thanksgiving edition.
Stranger Things 2

The Cooler Gang looks at the return of Eleven in Netflix's Stranger Things 2. Plus, will booting Spacey from House of Cards or Lord of the Rings TV sell?

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