Water Cooler Podcast

drama series

The Cooler Gang surveys the vast field of potential Drama series Emmy contenders and narrows Game of Thrones's many challengers. Plus, Megan talks about SCAD aTVFest!
2019 Comedy Emmy

This week, the Cooler Gang look to the recent guild and critics awards to predict future success for the 2019 comedy Emmy races. Plus, we cover Serenity, the DGAs and everything but the actual Super Bowl football game.
Almost Famous

This week at the Water Cooler, Clarence leads the latest Our Favorite Movies discussion with his Volume 7 pick, Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous. Plus, SAG Awards, Rent Live!, and more!

The Cooler Gang catches up on the latest Oscar news from the Producer's Guild, predicts nominations in the major categories, and finally gives their favorite films of 2018.

This week, the Cooler Gang dives into the evergreen topic of the widening gap between critics and audiences. Plus, a quick look at 2019 Winter TV.

The Cooler Gang reviews the 2019 Golden Globes ceremony, its winners, and its ability to forecast the 2019 film and TV awards season. Plus, Netflix's Bird Box and Bandersnatch.

The Cooler Gang gathers to reveal their favorite television shows of 2018 on the last podcast of the year.
Silver Linings Playbook

The Cooler Gang discuss Megan's Volume 6 entry in the Our Favorite Movies series, Silver Linings Playbook. Plus, they list their favorite episode of 2018 television.
TV shows

We're looking back at the television we gave up in 2018. Plus, the Screen Actors Guild has spoken. Who benefited the most on the TV and film fronts?
Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson speaks to Clarence, Joey, and Megan about her incredible performance on HBO's Sharp Objects.

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