FYC: Daniel Levy on ‘Schitt’s Creek’

One of the funniest shows you’re not watching is the fish out of Evian comedy Schitt’s Creek. Anchored by a strong quintet of actors, Creek focuses on a video store magnate (played by Eugene Levy) who must move his vapid family to the country after they lose all of their money. While comedy fans will instantly recognize Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Chris Elliot, most of the episodes are stolen by Daniel Levy, the co-creator of Schitt’s who plays perpetually disgusted son David.

David might be the most normal of the Rose clan, but he remains completely out of touch with the real world. Unlike his socialite sister, Alexis (Annie Murphy), David seems more aware of his family’s newfound situation. He immediately strikes up a weird relationship with Stevie, the droll front desk clerk of the motel that they are staying in, and it’s evident that his upbringing hasn’t allowed him to move beyond an immature sibling bond with anyone his age.

David’s pretentiousness paired with his reality checks make him a joy to watch. Early in the season, Stevie suggests that he sells some of his one-of-a-kind clothes to make some extra money. When he goes to the local thrift shop with a bag overflowing with ridiculous couture, he is insulted by the clerk’s assessment that they can’t sell any of his items. “This is French suede with Vulcanized leather instep, okay? You’ve lost my trust and my business!” he barks as he storms out.

His relationships with both Alexis and Stevie are blissfully immature. In the pilot episode, he tells his sister that she needs to sleep in the twin bed closest to the door, because if someone breaks in, he doesn’t want to be the one who gets murdered. Stevie’s lack of sympathy for the Rose’s situation is a great counterpoint to the family’s silliness. David’s shallowness clashes marvelously with her, and, in one of the best episodes, she takes him on a turkey shoot. When he’s asked if he’s ever held a gun before, he replies, “Yes, but Elton’s wasn’t this heavy which makes me think his was a toy.” After he shoots a turkey in the neck and watches it die, David’s horror is replaced when he sees his mother’s new haircut.

One of the great things about Levy is that he always seems to be teetering on the boiling point. His brow seems constantly furrowed, and his bushy eyebrows dancing on the top of his head. If David’s perfectly coiffed hair got messed up, I’m sure he would burn Schitt’s Creek to the ground. His mother, played by the brilliant O’Hara, is beautifully off the rails and Murphy’s Alexis is delightfully vapid. Levy has a harder job. He’s the most likable of the Rose clan, and despite his bitchiness (“You smell very flammable right now” he tells a drunk Stevie in one episode), he grounds a lot of the humor.

You simply want to spend more time with him even if that means helping him fold his wardrobe of black sweaters.

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