‘Grace and Frankie’ Brings Mother’s Day Fun

Grab a watermelon vodka and spend your weekend with Grace and Frankie

When we first met them, Grace and Frankie couldn’t stand each other. A whole season later, they’re living together as best friends dealing with being single again in their 70’s. This ultra charming show from Friends creator Marta Kauffman stars Jane Fonda as Grace and recent Emmy-nominee Lily Tomlin as Frankie.

Season two picks up where season one left off. In case you need a reminder, Frankie slept with her gay ex-husband Sol (Sam Waterston) and she wants to confess! The incident is playing on Sol’s conscience too, and he desperately wants to clear his conscience, spilling the beans to husband Robert. However, in true comedy form, a medical crisis sends the leads to the Emergency Room in the opening episode.

The opening two episodes are sprinkled with comedy and the right amount of drama. The bickering between the leads in season one is gone, making room for genuine love and friendship. A huge draw of the show is Fonda and Tomlin. It’s obvious they’re having plenty of fun in their scenes together. Seeing Fonda’s Grace react to Tomlin’s witty and sharp delivery is testament to the latter being one of the great comedians of our time. They are truly fantastic actresses who are capable of delivering wit and drama and have tons of chemistry between them to boot.

With the leading ladies making good as best friends and their husbands settling into their relationship, the younger supporting cast is given more screen time. We get to see their children interwoven into storylines and playing a larger role. There are fine moments here including a comical moment when Bud (Baron Vaughn) uses Siri to send out a group email. June Diane Raphael, Brianna, continues to be a scene stealer.

Swoosie Kurtz, Sam Elliott and Ernie Hudson all make appearances in the new season. But we’re still holding out for Dolly Parton! Maybe she’ll make an appearance in season three. Yes, the show has been renewed for a third season.

Grace and Frankie is back! This season is solid and a warm comedy. We are blessed to have two fine actresses on-screen amidst the comic book and fantasy shows that dominate the cultural landscape. Grab a watermelon vodka and sit down with these two ladies this weekend.

Grace and Frankie season two is streaming on Netflix starting today.


Grace and Frankie


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