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Joey Moser is an actor and writer living in Pittsburgh. Megan McLachlan is an editor and writer living in Pittsburgh. Both have known each other since bonding over "Scream 2" in Mr. Arbutina's geography class. And no one else has wanted to be friends with them ever since.

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  1. OT: Trailer for NBC’s upcoming pirate series “Crossbones”, written and produced by Neil Cross (“Luther”) and starring John Malkovich as Blackbeard


  2. was sad to see Joclyn leave actually, Adore is very very weak all around – but she can turn it in a lip sync. Here’s how I see the rest of the season going:

    5 – Darrienne
    4 – Courtney
    3 – Adore
    2 – Ben
    1 – Biance

    What I would like:
    5 – Courtney
    4 – Ben
    3 – Adore
    2 – Darienne
    1 – Bianca

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