Netflix Sets August 1 Date for Final Season of The Killing

The Wrap reports that The Killing will air its final season on August 1. They will air all six episodes. This is the final season.

The Killing is one of the better mysteries on television. It was always depressing to me that it couldn’t find an audience. The lead Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is a complicated, damaged woman struggling to free herself of her past as she puts everything on the line to catch a killer. Dark, moody, involving, The Killing is mesmerizing. The show digs deep into the characters – so much so that it’s much more like a British production, or Danish in this case, wherein story and character matter more than the kinds of things American television offers on their detective shows – primarily sexual deviancy and/or redemption. The Killing has always been more difficult and complicated than that. Too bad we can’t have nice things.

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    JPNS Viewer 8 years ago

    Well, at least, in a sense thanks to Netflix et al, the series is supposedly going to have a more proper season finale [I guess] — unlike, for instance, CSI spinoffs (Miami & NY). (I’m not complaining about those two’s cancellations; having been on air worldwide for 10 and 9 seasons long respectively is relatively good already despite sounding Bieber-like [hyperbole] in comparison to Sasha’s Bob Dylanesque run a la Law & Order [20 seasons].)

    Re The Killing, I have yet to see it due to my current location and other factors. But I’ve heard its theme is more or less like Twin Peaks; so, simply put, I’m quite interested in checking it out. (With three full seasons plus the special six episodes slated for the so-called fourth season, it sure already beats Memphis Beat, and Enlightened, too.)

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