R.I.P. Wicked City: Goodbye, Bonnie and Clod

Wicked City, ABC’s murder mystery anthology show set in 1980s LA, has died at the age of three episodes. It was allegedly killed at the hand of its parent ABC. It is survived by no other anthology seasons, which brings to light the question: Is an anthology show still an anthology show when it only has one season (or even three episodes)?

Wicked City was about a pair of serial killers (Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen) terrorizing the L.A. area to a killer soundtrack from the ‘80s. It also starred Jeremy Sisto, who recycled his Law & Order role as a no-nonsense cop; Taissa Farmiga, who apparently pissed off Ryan Murphy to end up on this show and not another AHS; and Gabriel Luna, who hasn’t been having a good 2015 since he also had roles in the movie Freeheld and the latest True Detective.

Despite being one of the highest-tested pilots among Millennials in 2015, the show was mostly met with negative reviews and failed to nab an audience. And for all its adult content (lots of blood splattering and perhaps the most presumed blow jobs a big-three network has ever shown), it aired on the same night as The Muppets, Fresh Off the Boat, and Agents of Shield. The cops also discovered who the killer was in the first episode (so much for suspense).

A total of eight episodes have been produced, but none of the five remaining episodes will see the light of day, just like we’ll never see what future murder mystery seasons might unfold.

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