Ready for the ‘Angie Tribeca’ Binge? I Am!

Angie Tribeca

TBS will debut their new cop comedy, Angie Tribeca, this weekend in a most peculiar and unprecedented fashion. Instead of putting the entire season on Netflix or Hulu, the network has decided to air the first 10 episodes commercial free for 25 straight hours. I was contacted online by the awesome social media team from the show, and they sent me a totally badass box full of goodies to help me get through the episodes! Color me lucky!

Angie Tribeca

I was super anxious to see what was inside that I opened it on the kitchen floor (you know, like a fool). It was a particularly rainy day, so the box was pretty soaked when I got it. Thanks FedEx for leaving it in an actual puddle, by the way. The delivery service can’t be entirely to blame, though. From what I understand, the majority of apartments in South Florida have open designs, so I’m going to blame this one on the Sunshine State itself.

Angie Tribeca

The first thing to greet me was a letter from Angie Tribeca herself. If the show is similar in tone, I feel like I’m going to love it. She explains everything that she lovingly packed in this binge box. Angie knows that she’s asking a lot from her viewers, so she wants to make sure they are comfy while they tune in this weekend (it starts at 9 PM on Sunday night, by the way).

Angie Tribeca

I’ve never received something from an actual show, but this box is pretty sweet. Angie (we’re on a first name basis, just so you know) sent me the following swag:

  • A pack of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
  • An Angie Tribeca mug to drink it from (she’s sensible, obvi!)
  • A temporary tattoo to showcase my immediate (and permanent) love
  • An adult diaper so I won’t have to miss a single moment
  • An actual $20 giftcard. Consider pizza ordered!
  • Eyedrops to keep my eyes open in the wee hours

But want to know the best thing? The coziest and, in my opinion, snuggliest thing in this box has to be this bad boy:

Angie Tribeca

Ohhhh, yes! Be jealous of my Angie Tribeca fleece! I can confirm that it’s soft and cuddly in all the right ways. Even after this binge is over, I’m sure I will fall asleep draped in dreams of Rashida Jones.

Angie Tribeca debuts its 25-hour binge Sunday, January 17th at 9PM.

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