Can You Tell Me How to Get to These Crossovers?

HBO is about to get a whole lot fuzzier. It was announced today that Sesame Street will air its next five seasons on HBO. Yes, you heard that correctly. The family-oriented program that taught everyone about their ABC’s will air on the same premium network channel that brought us Carrie Bradshaw strutting around Manhattan and The Red Wedding. It’s not entirely unusual for HBO to dabble in children’s entertainment – they aired Fraggle Rock in the 1980s – but it is bizarre to consider the PBS staple a stable of a premium cable network.

To celebrate this bizarre move, I have compiled the 8 Sesame Street crossovers that we need right away.

Zoe & Abby on Girls


Over the past few seasons, Girls has opened up the conversation to what it is like to be a millennial living in New York City. The show has its haters and its die-hard fans, but they can all agree that the show has headed into some really serious territory. Perhaps Zoe and Abby will remind the foursome to just lighten up a bit. Or, at the very least, engage in some girl-on-girl action, Street-style.

Snuffy on Veep


While Selina Meyer’s political affiliation isn’t said completely out loud, a lot of people identify her as a Republican. If Selina runs for a second term (you know, after all this tying business is over and done with), she could use a huge, fluffy icon to bring more voters on her side. I mean, it is a hairy elephant, right?

Cookie Monster on Silicon Valley


The more these guys build a technological empire, the more they need Mr. Monster to provide them with some much needed munchies during their down time. Think about it though, a stoned Erlich Bachman and Cookie Monster… not that different right? Even puppets get the munchies.

Grover on Togetherness


I wanted to place my personal favorite Sesame Street character on a show where he would definitely be safe. Sure, Togetherness has its familial/mumblecore drama, but you know Grover would be able to bring everyone down a notch. He can be high-strung himself, though, so I think we all need to see him get into a screaming match with Amanda Peet, am I right?

The Count on Game of Thrones


He has a cape. He has a castle. It’s perfect, right? If True Blood was still on the air, he would be able to guest on both shows. Next time there’s a massacre, he would be able to provide an accurate body count. “Nine! Nine dead Starks! Ah, ah, ah!”

Bert & Ernie on Looking


Easy joke, yes, but it’d be great to see the pair wandering around the background of Folsom while Jonathan Groff is being obnoxious and adorable. Plus, surely SOMEONE on Looking could do something about Bert’s tragic unibrow.

Elmo & Big Bird on True Detective


No one liked season 2 of True Detective. This is a fact. Why not change up the tone with two of Sesame’s most beloved and sweet characters? Maybe they won’t go on a cocaine binge or get chased around the woods by men with shotguns (Follow That Bird reboot?), but they could solve the mysterious crime of a rubber ducky kingpin going missing. Unless, being HBO, an orgy is required. That could be interesting…

Oscar on The Jinx: The Lives and Deaths of a Grouch


‘Nuff said.

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