Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 19 – Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Veep, Silicon Valley

This week the gang wades into a few of the shows that have begun their seasons in the last couple of weeks. It’s a good time to be a TV fan.


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    Clarence Moye 7 years ago

    So, for those following at home, I completely spaced on ERLICH’S name from Silicon Valley. I referred to him as Alden on the podcast. I’m terrible with names. Sorry about that gang.

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    Al Robinson 7 years ago

    I can’t believe either that CSI has been around this whole time either. I feel this season should definitely be its last. CSI: Cyber was terrible. I only watched the first episode. I loved Heart of Dixie. I have seen every episode except for the last half of the last season. I don’t think it’s coming back.

    I really enjoyed the first season of Silicon Valley, but I haven’t started the second season yet. But it’s only 2 episodes, and I can watch those back-to-back.

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