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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars
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RuPaul’s Drag Race is a favorite among a few of the AwardsDailyTV writing crew. Megan and I basically plan our entire year around the premiere and duration around the seasonal reality show, but this year we are treated to a second race. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars starts its second season on Thursday night, and the anticipation is definitely revved up. In case you have somehow missed the first 8 seasons of RPDR, I am here to provide a crash course of all the contestants so you can become a superfan and join in on all the gaggery. Buckle up, hunty!


Queen: Adore Delano
Season: 6
Placement: Top 3
Most Known For: Pre-Drag Race, Adore was a contestant on season 7 of American Idol; performing a freakishly accurate Anna Nicole Smith dung Snatch Game; having the best hog body in Drag Race herstory.
Catchphrase: “Party!”
Post RPDR: She has released two albums since graduating, Till Death Do Us Party in 2014 and After Party in 2016
Number of Main Challenges Won: 3
Most Memorable Lip Sync: “Vibeology” by Paula Abdul; Adore sent Trinity K. Bonet home

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Queen: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Season: 5
Placement: Top 3
Most Known For: Alaska was previously in a relationship with season 4 winner, Sharon Needles; the fiercest funky chicken dance you ever did see; can dress a family of 12 in a Party City tablecloth
Catchphrase: “HIIIIEEEE!!!”
Post RPDR: Alaska released her own album titled Anus; along with Drag Race contestants Willam and Courtney Act, Alaska was a model for American Apparel
Number of Main Challenges Won: 2
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Alaska is one of the only queens to never land in the bottom two. Werk, Pittsburgh queen

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars


Queen: Alyssa Edwards
Season: 5
Placement: 6th place
Most Known For: Dancer extraodinaire; never being able to fully walk by a mirror; feud with Coco Montrese (but more on that later…)
Catchphrase: *mouth pop* (that I am still mad I can’t do!)
Post RPDR: Alyssa stars on her own vlog, “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret for WOWPresents
Number of Main Challenges Won: 1
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Well, damn, she was in the bottom two enough (SHADE!), but her best was against Roxxxy Andrews

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars


Queen: Coco Montrese
Season: 5
Placement: 5th place
Most Known For: Feud with Alyssa Edwards; Janet Jackson impersonator in Vegas; accidental Doritos spokeswoman
Catchphrase: “I’M NOT JOKING BITCH!”
Number of Main Challenges Won: 1
Most Memorable Lip Sync: “Cold Hearted” by Paula Abdul where she sent Alyssa packing. Points for using those orange sleeves!



Queen: Detox
Season: 5
Placement: 4th place
Most Known For: Serving F-A-C-E and high fashion on the runway; silicon poster woman
Catchphrase: “I’ve had it! Officially!”
Number of Main Challenges Won: 1
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Detox is well known for her spastic jawline during lip syncs, but her best was when she sent Lineysha Sparx near the beginning of the season.



Queen: Ginger Minj
Season: 7
Placement: Top 3
Most Known For: Being a glamour toad; having her basement flooded on multiple occasions; …probably the true heir of the season 7 crown…too soon?
Catchphrase: “I’m sweet, petite, and ready to eat.” “I’m a cross dresser for Christ.”
Number of Main Challenges Won: 3
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Ginger didn’t lip sync much, but she did have to face off against Trixie Mattel dressed as both man and woman.



Queen: Katya
Season: 7
Placement: 5th and winner of Miss Congeniality
Most Known For: Being completely and utterly unpredictable; can spread her legs quicker than any other contestant; having the best laugh
Catchphrase: Katya doesn’t necessarily have a catchphrase as much as she has random quips; “I don’t jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.” “I am my own worst enema.” “I’m not young. I’m just ignorant.”
Post RPDR: Katya is working on a one-woman show titled, “Love Stories from my Vagina” but she can also be found on WOWPresents vlog “UNHhhh” with Trixie Mattel.
Number of Main Challenges Won: 2
Most Memorable Lip Sync: I don’t want to talk about when she got eliminated, because I will get too emotional…but she did sent Sasha Belle home.

Phi Phi


Queen: Phi Phi O’Hara
Season: 4
Placement: Top 3
Most Known For: Being the first true bitch in Drag Race herstory? Making everyone in Pittsburgh angry when she yelled at Sharon Needles; being unbelievably hot out of drag
Catchphrase: “Go back to Party City where you belong!”
Post RPDR: Phi Phi is currently publishing “365 Days of Drag” on her Instagram (her drag has obviously evolved from spray tan, Trump chic), and everyone should be impressed by her jaw-dropping cosplay
Number of Main Challenges Won: 2
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Phi Phi and Sharon Needles faced off in one of the most spastic lip syncs of all time but the entire thing was moot since Willam was disqualified.




Queen: Roxxxy Andrews
Season: 5
Placement: Top 3
Most Known For: Being juicy and not apologizing for it; mispronouncing “sequins” and defending it; having a wig underneath a wig…case closed.
Catchphrase: “Where my people at?!”
Number of Main Challenges Won: 3
Most Memorable Lip Sync: She. Had. A. Wig. Underneath. Her. Wig.



Queen: Tatianna
Season: 2
Placement: 4th
Most Known For: Pulling off an eerily good Britney Spears illusion and winning the first Snatch Game; sexiness for days; single handedly responsible for gay men questioning their sexuality
Catchphrase: “Thank you.”
Number of Main Challenges Won: 1
Most Memorable Lip Sync: Tatianna managed to send fan favorite Jessica Wild packing even though she was dressed like a sexy prisoner

Who are you rooting for this season? Are you thrilled that Ro-Laska-Tox is reuniting? Are you secretly hoping that Alyssa and Coco reignite their feud? If you need something to do while you watch the premiere, head over to Chad Sell’s website to download some coloring sheets of each queen!

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