‘American Horror Story’ Season Six Bathed in Secrecy

American Horror Story season six details are scarce. ADTV takes a look at the rumors and the facts for the upcoming season.

FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel heads into next month’s Emmy nominations fighting sister show American Crime Story for awards glory. Last year’s Freak Show received a series-record 20 nominations despite no one admitting to actually liking the season. It’s unlikely that Hotel will receive as many nominations given the extremely crowded Limited Series categories. So, after (in my view) a creative uptick in the opulent and typically bonkers Hotel, audiences are ready to welcome American Horror Story season six this fall. And, as per usual for Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series, details are very scarce.

We know nothing about season six theming. The recently released series logo perhaps hints at a devilish horn hooking upward, connected into the dangling question mark. Does the Devil have something to do with season six? Or the Antichrist? I could see that in the icon. Plus, the Devil’s number is 666. Hard to pass that one up. I could imagine a season set in Coven‘s closing Hellish scenes. It certainly left me with more of a terrified and empty vibe than anything else in the series. Would that reunite us with Kathy Bates’s Marie Delphine LaLaurie or Lily Rabe’s Misty Day? Only time will tell…

Here’s what we know for sure about the returning cast.

  • Cheyenne Jackson is confirmed to return after his Hotel stint.
  • Lady Gaga will return as well – something we’ve known since March. She’s apparently rumored to play the sidekick of a serial killer and will not loom as large as she did in Hotel.
  • Angela Bassett is also set to return and told Entertainment Weekly she thinks her character is an alcoholic. Either that’s a cover or she’s not returning as Coven‘s Marie Laveau.
  • Denis O’Hare will return. He’s an AHS staple after sitting out Asylum.
  • Evan Peters will return and recently sported a massive beard, which caused fans to speculate the new look is designed for season six.
  • Leslie Jordan (Quentin Fleming in Coven) will return. According to the actor, his scenes will heavily feature Lady Gaga.
  • Matt Bomer will also return.

American Horror Story queen Sarah Paulson isn’t confirmed yet, but it’s difficult to imagine a season without her.

Since we know nothing about the plot, let’s take a look at some of the more prevalent rumors on the internet. Because everything on the internet is right, ya know???

  • Multiple sites have reported the season will somehow deal with children based on this Ryan Murphy quote, “If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying.”
  • Given that, many people imagined the season would either introduce or tangentially involve the internet-started Slender Man concept. Murphy denied this theory, however.
  • Ryan Murphy did confirm the series would be darker and less opulent. I believe he’s said that every year of the series since Murder House. See how that turned out…
  • Filming started around mid-June in Los Angeles. One scene reportedly involved a nursing home or hospital setting. The series reportedly takes place in the present with “echoes of the past,” according to FX president John Landgraf. Murphy confirmed that the season will have multiple call-backs to previous seasons.

There are countless rumors spread across the internet that have the season set everywhere from a summer camp to a boarding school to a high school. Last August, Entertainment Weekly featured a massive cover story revealing Lady Gaga’s Countess character. If the big reveal doesn’t come in July’s ComicCon, then August should bring the official announcement if not a teaser.

Stay tuned to AwardsDaily TV for the latest updates!

Update: FX announced today season six will premiere September 14 at 10PM ET, nearly one month earlier than its typical October premiere.

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