Big Little Lies episode 6 features a disastrous yet memorable dinner between Madeline, Ed, Bonnie, and Nathan as Abigail’s secret project comes to light.

Big Little Lies Episode 6 – “Burning Love” 

Debut: Sunday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) worries about the can of worms she’s opened for Jane (Shailene Woodley).  Jane confronts Renata (Laura Dern).  Celeste (Nicole Kidman) plans an exit strategy from Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) tells Nathan (James Tupper) about a secret project Abigail (Kathryn Newton) has been working on.  Meanwhile, Ed (Adam Scott) and Madeline have a frank conversation about the lack of passion in their marriage.

Written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

BIG LITTLE LIES: Kathryn Newton
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
BIG LITTLE LIES: Nicole Kidman
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Jeffrey Nordling, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodely
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Reese Witherspoon, Adam Scott
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
BIG LITTLE LIES: Reese Witherspoon
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle
BIG LITTLE LIES: Alexander Skarsgard
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

In Crashing episode 6, Sarah Silverman rescues Pete Holmes from homelessness and suggests he explore being a “warm-up” comedian.

Crashing Episode 6: “Warm-up”

Debut: Sunday, March 26 (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET)

Homeless once more and facing professional disappointment, Pete (Pete Holmes) turns to Artie Lange, who invites him to be a guest on his podcast. Pete meets Sarah Silverman, who takes pity on him and invites him to stay with her and her collection of stray comedians. When Sarah suggests that he try to find work as an audience “warm-up” comedian, Pete is presented with a job opportunity, where he’s tasked with saving the day.

Written by Pete Holmes & Beth Stelling; directed by Ryan McFaul.


Crashing episode 6
(Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

Hulu released the final, full The Handmaid’s Tale trailer in advanced of its April 26 premiere. The highly anticipated drama stars Elisabeth Moss as Offred.

The Handmaid’s Tale trailer dropped today, revealing a final full look at the upcoming Hulu drama. You’ll find details on the project below, and this one looks like a potential spoiler in the 2017 Emmy race. More on that later, but for now, take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think. Three episode drop on April 26 with subsequent episodes following each week.


Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Alexis Bledel, Max Minghella, Madeline Brewer, Ann Dowd and O-T Fagbenle.


The Handmaid’s Tale comes to Hulu from MGM Television and is created, executive produced and written by Bruce Miller. Executive produced by Warren Littlefield, Daniel Wilson and Fran Sears, and Ilene Chaiken. MGM will serve as the international distributor for the series.


The drama series, based on the award-winning, best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, tells the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly part of the United States. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, Gilead is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) serves as a Handmaid in the Commander’s household, one of the caste of women forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate a devastated world. In this terrifying society where one wrong word could end her life, Offred navigates between Commanders, their cruel Wives, domestic Marthas, and her fellow Handmaids – where anyone could be a spy for Gilead – all with one goal: to survive and find the daughter that was taken from her.

HBO unveils a new The Wizard of Lies teaser for the Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer television film about the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

(Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO)

Here’s a new The Wizard of Lies teaser trailer. The hot Emmy contender drops on HBO May 20. It stars Robert De Niro, who also serves as an executive producer, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Bernie and Ruth Madoff. The Wizard of Lies examines Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme — his deception, lies and cover-up, all as the financier’s wife and sons are catapulted into a harsh and unrelenting spotlight. Alessandro Nivola, Nathan Darrow, Kristen Connolly, Lily Rabe and Hank Azaria also star.

The Wizard of Lies is directed by Barry Levinson, who also serves as executive producer along with Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro, Berry Welsh and Tom Fontana; Jason Sosnoff co-executive produces. Produced by Joseph E. Iberti. The film was written by Sam Levinson, John Burnham Schwartz and Samuel Baum, based on the book The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, written by Diana B. Henriques.

Take a look at the new The Wizard of Lies teaser.

On Big Little Lies episode 5, Madeline finds herself in a compromising situation with Joseph despite success with AvenueQ.

Big Little Lies episode 5 pushes things forward toward the infamous Audrey and Elvis night. As I mentioned in my review, the murder plot hardly matters. The clear draw here is the deep characterization and exploration of these complex women. Sure, it takes place in the seemingly unreal world of Monterey, California. Sure, it feels like kitchen porn. But these characters and the actresses who play them are fascinatingly flawed. Favorites from Big Little Lies episode 5 include Celeste’s continued counseling sessions and Jane’s struggles to uncover the identity of Saxon Banks. As I watch the series a second time, I’m increasingly impressed with Shailene Woodley’s naturalistic performance. This isn’t an actress grandstanding. This is a woman who creates a realistic single mother, plagued by past trauma.

You won’t find much better on television than Big Little Lies.


Big Little Lies Episode 5 – “Once Bitten” 

Synopsis: Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) receives encouraging news about the play from her director, Joseph Bachman (Santiago Cabrera), but is left concerned by his newly icy demeanor.  Principal Nippal (P.J. Byrne) and Ms. Barnes (Virginia Kull) share their conclusions about Ziggy (Iain Armitage) and Amabella (Ivy George) with Jane (Shailene Woodley).  Celeste (Nicole Kidman) has a solo session with Dr. Reisman (Robin Weigert), who tries to get to the bottom of her relationship with Perry (Alexander Skarsgård).

Written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

BIG LITTLE LIES: Reese Witherspoon
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Laura Dern, Ivy George, Jeffrey Nording
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

HBO released The Leftovers final season key art and trailer. Enjoy!

The Leftovers final season debuts Sunday, April 16 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) with its final eight episodes.

The Peabody Award-winning drama series is created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta.  This season finds the Garvey and Murphy families coming together as they desperately grasp for a system of belief to help better explain that which defies explanation.  The world is crackling with the energy of something big about to happen, a corresponding bookend to the Sudden Departure that sent them all spinning years earlier, bringing their journey Down Under.

Season three cast includes Justin Theroux (as Kevin Garvey), Carrie Coon (as Nora Durst), Amy Brenneman (as Laurie Garvey), Christopher Eccleston (as Matt Jamison), Kevin Carroll (as John Murphy), Jovan Adepo (as Michael Murphy), Scott Glenn (as Kevin Garvey Senior), Lindsay Duncan (as Grace), Regina King (as Erika Murphy), Chris Zylka (as Tom Garvey), Margaret Qualley (as Jill Garvey), Janel Moloney (as Mary Jamison), Jasmin Savoy-Brown (as Evie Murphy) and Liv Tyler (as Meg).

Filmed on location in Texas and Australia; executive produced by Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta, Mimi Leder, Tom Spezialy, Eugene Kelly, Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey; Lindelof serves as showrunner. THE LEFTOVERS is produced for HBO by White Rabbit in association with Warner Bros. Television.


Take a look at the latest Emmy-worth television teasers and trailers highlighted by HBO’s hotly anticipated ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.’

No matter how the weather treats you, spring TV has sprung. As the 2017 Emmy window winds down to its May 31 conclusion, programmers unveil their highest quality television teasers and trailers. The goal? Simply to attract the attention of the Television Academy amidst the embarrassment of riches. With that, here are a few of the higher profile items we’ve see today.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
(Photo: HBO)

Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne star in this adaptation of Rebecca Skloot’s critically acclaimed, bestselling nonfiction book of the same name. The film tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman whose cells were used to create the first immortal human cell line. Told through the eyes of her daughter, Deborah Lacks (Winfrey), the film chronicles her search, with the help of journalist Rebecca Skloot (Byrne), to learn about the mother she never knew and understand how the unauthorized harvesting of Lacks’ cancerous cells in 1951 led to unprecedented medical breakthroughs, changing countless lives and the face of medicine forever. George C. Wolfe directs from his screenplay; Oprah Winfrey, Alan Ball, Peter Macdissi, Carla Gardini and Lydia Dean Pilcher executive produce. A Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, Harpo Films and Cine Mosaic production.


Master of None Season 2
(Photo: Netflix)

Aziz Ansari’s Master of None returns Friday, May 12. The release date confirms what we’d long suspected – that Ansari’s series would indeed return to the Emmy game. Season 1 received an Emmy for writing, so Ansari and company will likely factor into the conversation again. Season 2 offers Dev Shah (Ansari) returning to New York after an extended trip abroad. Netflix describes his return as taking “challenges in his personal and family life, a new career opportunity, and a complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him.”

American Gods

Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller and Michael Green bring Neil Gaiman’s classic novel American Gods to the small screen. This one feels like a massive wild card. The trailer appears visually intriguing (and very gory), but it will be difficult to capture the expanse and depth of the original source material. Good thing it’s an extended series, something like Starz’s Game of Thrones. Starring Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, and Crispin Glover, the 8-episode Season 1 premieres April 30 on Starz.

(Photo: Starz)

Making history whether you like it or not. VEEP Season 6 premieres April 16 at 10:30pm on HBO.

HBO unveiled a full trailer for Veep Season 6 today. The trailer gives a sneak peek at Veep with Selina Meyer adjusting to life as ex-president. It also gives a taste of what Veep Season 6 looks like under the Trump administration. Given the wild ride of current politics, what steps will scripted series take to remain competitive? Find out when Veep returns on April 16.

Veep stars Emmy® winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus as former vice president and president Selina Meyer. The cast also includes Emmy® winner Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Matt Walsh, Timothy Simons, Kevin Dunn, Gary Cole and Sam Richardson. Dave Mandel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Frank Rich, Lew Morton and Morgan Sackett executive produce.

Veep Season 6
(Photo: HBO)

Celeste returns to pro bono work as a favor to Madeline while Jane faces a potentially troubled Ziggy in the latest episode of HBO’s stellar ‘Big Little Lies.’

OK, I wrote a completely misleading headline. Caught your eye, though, didn’t I? I hope you found last week’s episode of HBO’s Big Little Lies as fantastic as I did. The episode deepened the relationship between Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) in fascinating ways. To me, you won’t see much better performances than that fantastic therapy session. We’ll see more as the series progresses. However, in Big Little Lies Episode 4, Celeste officially returns to work to help Madeline save Avenue Q. Perry, naturally, objects to the arrangement, further heightening their marital strife.

Here are a clip, a synopsis, and stills from Big Little Lies Episode 4.


Big Little Lies Episode 4 – “Push Comes to Shove”

Synopsis: Nathan (James Tupper) invites Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Ed (Adam Scott) to a couples’ dinner to discuss a “parenting paradigm” for Abigail (Kathryn Newton). Celeste (Nicole Kidman) prepares for a city-council meeting about Madeline’s play, and bristles at Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgård) concerns about her returning to work. Jane (Shailene Woodley)meets with Ms. Barnes (Virginia Kull), Ziggy’s (Iain Armitage) teacher, who suggests her son be medically evaluated in light of further evidence of classroom bullying.  While Madeline deals with a skeleton from her past, her internet sleuthing reveals a key player from Jane’s past instead.

Written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Adam Scott, Zoe Kravitz
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Nicole Kidman, Alex Skarsgard
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Shailene Woodley, Iain Armitage
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

BIG LITTLE LIES (from left to right): Reese Witherspoon, Darby Camp, Adam Scott
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

Big Little Lies Episode 4
BIG LITTLE LIES: Alexander Skarsgard
Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

Here’s a sneak preview of Sunday night’s Crashing Episode 3 on HBO. In this episode, Pete crashes at T.J. Miller’s house.

Starring Pete Holmes, the comedy series Crashing draws on Holmes’ own experiences as a comedian, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the unpredictable world of stand-up comedy. Here’s a sneak peek at Crashing Episode 3.

Debut: SUNDAY, MAR. 5 (10:30–11:00 p.m.)

While staying at T.J. Miller’s place, Pete (Pete Holmes) has the unsettling experience of witnessing a comic who can’t “turn it off.” Hearing from his wife, Jessica (Lauren Lapkus), Pete and T.J. travel upstate to her yard sale, where Pete unexpectedly teams up with Jess’ new boyfriend, Leif (George Basil), to get back a prized possession. After Jess voices her true feelings to Pete, the sale comes to a dramatic end. Written by Pete Holmes & Judd Apatow; directed by Chris Kelly.

Crashing Episode 3
(T.J. Miller, Pete Holmes. Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO)
Crashing Episode 3
(Lauren Lapkus, Pete Holmes. Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

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