‘Feud’ Season 2: Charles and Diana

Feud Season 2

Ryan Murphy and FX announced today the subject matter for Feud Season 2. The legendary battle between Prince Charles and Lady Diana will take center stage.

With Feud: Bette and Joan on the horizon, many (including we at AwardsDaily TV) wondered what historic feuds would fill Feud Season 2. Would he revisit the Hatfields and the McCoys? The War of the Roses? Brittney versus Justin? Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry? Wait no longer, the news is out. Feud Season 2 will consist of the highly publicized royal divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The new season will consist of 10 episodes with no official air date scheduled.

Let’s call it Feud: Charles and Diana for argument’s sake.

According to Variety, Murphy will work with Jon Robin Baitz to write their infamous story. However, that’s the tricky part for this new season. Feud: Bette and Joan covers material only known to the most invested in historic Hollywood gossip, so many will find it fresh. Finding a new angle with Feud: Charles and Diana will be tough, for sure, with many books, films, television movies, musicals, songs, etc., written about the legendary couple. Murphy took the similarly media saturated O.J. Simpson case and used it as an opportunity to rehabilitate the image of prosecutor Marcia Clark. But what new slant could he take with Charles and Diana?

Personally, I think the Fleetwood Mac story would make for a fascinating chapter of Feud. What famous feuds would you consider the right material? Sound off in the comments below!

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