Game of Thrones moves a Big Piece (spoilers)

You may or may not have seen last night’s wicked installment of Game of Thrones. But if you have you probably don’t want to read further. But if you’ve already seen it, and/or read the books, you will already know which character was ejected from the series.

Finally, that little twerp Joffrey got what he had coming from him. My only objection was that it wasn’t a violent enough death, particularly after the way he tormented Tyrion. I had read the spoilers so I knew not to expect a major Joffrey beat-down but still, given the way he was asking for it, begging for it, I wanted something along the lines of pouring melted metal atop his head.

All Men Must Die indeed. Now, we merely have to wait for the women to rise to power.

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