Game of Thrones moves a Big Piece (spoilers)

You may or may not have seen last night’s wicked installment of Game of Thrones. But if you have you probably don’t want to read further. But if you’ve already seen it, and/or read the books, you will already know which character was ejected from the series.

Finally, that little twerp Joffrey got what he had coming from him. My only objection was that it wasn’t a violent enough death, particularly after the way he tormented Tyrion. I had read the spoilers so I knew not to expect a major Joffrey beat-down but still, given the way he was asking for it, begging for it, I wanted something along the lines of pouring melted metal atop his head.

All Men Must Die indeed. Now, we merely have to wait for the women to rise to power.

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  1. Avatar
    Robin Write 8 years ago

    I agree about a more violent death. I said to the wife he is someone I want to see killed many times. And although thrilled by his demise, can’t help feeling a little disappointed that the “looking forward to Joffrey dying” feeling has gone passed.

    Still, plenty to look forward to!

  2. Avatar
    Craig Kennedy 8 years ago

    Even reading the book I was disappointed by the anticlimactic feeling of a thing happening I’ve wanted since the character was first introduced. There was a certain twisted drama to his slow choking to death that played better on the show than it did in the book though.

    Good riddance to that little monster.

  3. Avatar
    Robin Write 8 years ago

    Yeah, his death did linger as well. I am pretty show the crew enjoyed it too, so much so that was actually Jack Gleeson turning plum and bleeding from the eyes. “Keep rolling.” the director said with that Joker grin. 😀

  4. Avatar
    Craig Kennedy 8 years ago

    Haha, everyone wanted to see that little prick suffer.

    Most people I know will miss having him around as “the evil one” but I’m genuinely glad to have him out of the picture.

    I enjoy “bad” characters like Tywin and Littlefinger and especially Cersi because I get where they’re coming from, but Joffrey was just a douchey little asshole. He added nothing to the show for me except irritating menace and there’s enough of that of the non-irritating variety to go around. He’s disposable.

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